Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Word Is Tepetricy

It's early enough in the morning for me to be feeling something different than the rest of the day, and that something is amazement. My discovery? Tepetricy, an industrial, alternative metal band out of Bloomington, Minnesota.
Made up of Steve Fremling (vocals), Aaron Peterson (guitar), Victor Quade (keyboards), William Campbell (bass), and Robin Rapsys (drums), Tepetricy is a new take on the alternative metal band. Think of My Chemical Romance crossed with Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, and AFI. These guys are totally out of the box when it comes to sound. I don't even know what to make of them because they have the smooth vocals of Creed one minute and the harsh growls of Mudvayne the next. They cross the keys and synths of AFI (and Davey Havok's side project band, Balqk Audio) with the driving guitar solos of Disturbed and the rhythmic drums and bass of My Chem. The first track I heard off their Shaking the Rust Internally was "A Lonesome Night in Triage." The only thing I can say about this song is that it's absolutely amazing. It starts off a little bit slow and mellowed out, riding on Fremling's hypnotic vocals, but then gets flown away by Peterson's face-melting guitar riff, and Quade's screaming synth progression. Then you start to hear more of Campbell's pulsing bass, and Rapsys's drums, making your neck hurt because you can't stop your head from moving up and down. The only thing more amazing than the heavy metal prowess of this song is its incorporation of Quade's slick key riffs, giving it a semi-electronica undertone and an amazing sound.
Then I move on to "Breach of Endearment." This song is completely different from the first. More hardcore, more angry, more forceful. Not bad at all. I always judge a band not by what they can do the same, but by what they can do different. Fremling's growls on this song approach near-Pantera levels, and it just works. Even Quade steps up the synths and makes them work whole-heartedly with this aggressive number. The last track I listen to, "Ceneca Winds," seems to combine the two previous song styles, and it just amazes me that such talent isn't on the world stage. Why aren't these guys opening arenas next to Disturbed and AFI? I have no idea. In my opinion they should be.

Sounds Like: Disturbed, Mudvayne, AFI, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson

Key Tracks from Shaking the Rust Internally: "A Lonesome Night in Triage," "Breach of Endearment," "Ceneca Winds"

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