Friday, September 18, 2009

The Red Sun Is Rising

Sit back, strap in, and hold on to your blood and guts as this four-piece out of Akron, Ohio shoot you up with a good dose of good old-fashioned alternative hard-rock. I came across Red Sun Rising about a year ago, before I started blogging, and discovered them on their Purevolume page. The moment I heard them I was amazed. Their first track, "Too Late" just floored me, and I've listened to it an impossible-to-count number of times since then (they have it free for download on their page). People call it a perfect storm when everything on a song or an album, or anything, just works; perfectly. That's what "Too Late" is. A perfect storm of pounding bass, searing guitar, heart-stopping drums, and anthemic vocals.
RSR's made up of Mike Protich (guitar and vocals), Ryan Wiliams (guitar), Hayes Hornish (bass), and Mark Jendrisak (drums), and these four guys know how to rock. I thought for sure last year someone would pick them up and sign them. I have no idea why they're not already. Right now, listening to the screaming Scorpions-like guitar solo on "Proofless," I'm amazed and frankly a little pissed that someone like Brittany Spears still has a record deal after all the crap that went on in the past few years with her but these guys don't. What a travesty. 
And now "Cole" is playing, and the mood is completely different than that of "Too Late," but it still has a majestic, hard-rock feeling to it. It seems like every song on RSR's debut EP, Red Sun Rising just hits its mark. It's so rare to find that, even on an EP. You get maybe one or two songs that rock, but almost never do you get the excitement of finding that every track is great, and you don't want to skip any of them. I'm telling you, everything on this EP is right: the vocals, the melodies, the instrumentation, the lyrics, the moods, EVERYTHING works. You have to check these guys out, they're just incredible.

Sounds Like: Airbourne, Scorpions, Skid Row, Sixx:A.M.

Key Tracks from Red Sun Rising EP: "Too Late," "Cole," "Proofless," "Elevate"

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