Friday, September 18, 2009

Sketch Machine

It's amazing what talent can be overlooked if it's not thrust into the spotlight in a major metropolis like New York or L.A. That most certainly seems to be the case here. Sketch Machine is an alternative rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and it's amazing that these four guys have been overlooked. Whatever these guys do during the day, whatever jobs they have and wherever they work, if it's not at a music shop, or around anything musical, it definitely should be.
Made up of Jeremy Gerardot (vocals and guitar), Brian Myers (guitar), Joe Brock (bass, keyboards, and vocals), and Josh Clements (drums and percussion), Sketch Machine mixes alternative styles with hard rock riffs and anthemic choruses (not to mention the lyrical themes are a step above the usual par). 
The first hooks come out of nowhere while you're listening to "Cold Hard Truth," and just keep you so interested, it's almost like your ears have been glued to your computer speakers. Then you get to "Not the One," and as things slow dow a bit, you get more into it. It's not just a fluke that the first song was great. This one is incredible. Aside from Gerardot's and Brock's vocals, the percussion and guitar in this song are especially crisp and tight. And then you move further down the playlist, to "Crazy Eyes," then "October," and finally to "Nevermind (You Were Never Mine)." It's like every song off SM's debut album, In Spite of All the Danger just seems to hit perfectly. Why these guys are working 9-5 jobs and not spending the days rocking out is beyond me. Because in my opinion, that's what they should be doing. Check these guys out. I guess they prove that you're never too old to rock out.

Sounds Like: 3 Doors Down, Staind, Creed

Key Tracks from In Spite of All the Danger: ""Cold Hard Truth," "Not the One," "Crazy Eyes," "October," "Nevermind (You Were Never Mine)"

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