Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shadows Lie

What would it sound like to hear the sirens of myth that sang to Odysseus on his quest home? I don't know but listening to Shadows Lie, with its siren-like lead vocalist is probably as close as we're ever gonna get. That doesn't bother me too much though, since she's got an amazing voice, and it sounds like sirens meet HIM and AFI.
Rising from the New York City underground, Shadows Lie, made up of Kira Leigh (lead vocals), Frank Grullon (guitar), CT (bass), and Marco Britti (drums), introduces a new take on hard-rock, inspired by (it would seem to me) such diverse tastes as Evanescence, Staind, HIM, AFI, and Incubus.
The first song I hear off their album Echoes is "Dead End," a surreal number almost in the vein of Alice in Chains, but with its own, off-the-chain siren-like vocals that just amaze. I didn't even know there were notes that high, but Leigh finds a way to reach them, and in her banshee-like shriek, delivers a song that draws upon the Pixies-pioneered dynamic of quiet-loud, coupled with the breathy vocals of Evanescence and Flyleaf.
Then it moves on to the next one, which I think is my personal favorite, "Everything." Starting off with a Cure-like Gothic guitar riff by Grullon, Leigh jumps into the vocals, singing with an interesting meter, making me think of such groups as Eve 6 and AFI. The Britti takes it easy on the drums during this one, opting for a beat based in the snare and toms (and the high-hats a little bit too), rather than going to town on the crash. CT's bass keeps time just right, and the song slows to a stop a couple minutes later, among 'la,la,la's' from Leigh.
"Keep Falling Down" opens with a interesting, I'd like to say Gothic, but not so much, guitar progression from Grullon, and Leigh steps in on vocals, like something so shiny and new, my ears couldn't stop listening if they wanted to. "Keep Falling Down" sounds very different from the previous two, but that works in SL's benefit; it just adds more to their already-innovative sound. And the chorus on it? Oh my god, just a beautiful chorus all around. Amazing guitar and bass, thumping drums, and a sky-rocketing voice that just shatters any intention of ignoring it.
I don't know what I could call these guys (and girl). Hard-rock? Alternative? Post-grunge? I have no idea, you do that yourselves. All I know is that they sounds fucking amazing, and if I were you, I'd get my ass in gear and go grab one of their CD's and give it a listen. It'll blow your mind.

Sounds Like: Evanescence, HIM, Flyleaf, AFI

Key Tracks from Echoes: "Everything," Keep Falling Down," "Dead End," "Blank"


  1. Hey, I met you at the three days grace concert. Just wanted to tell you that after ya'll left me and my friend got pictures and autographs from all the band members. And more pics!! Just thought I would tell you!



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