Friday, September 18, 2009

Violet Wild

So I've given you guys new hard-rock groups, new pop-punk groups, and even a new ska-punk group. But one genre I think this blog has seriously been lacking is good old-fashioned alternative rock. But today that's rectified. I introduce to you: Violet Wild. From the blazing town of Tempe, Arizona, Violet Wild continues the tradition of such acclaimed alternative rock groups as Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World. Comprising Bobby Scott (vocals), Josh Kennedy (guitar and vocals), Christopher Serafini (bass), and Ritchard Polmans (drums), at first listen, I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, but I knew there was definitely something special about this band. They just drip alternative style, but with hard-rock tendencies, and pop-punk sensibilities.
Off the bat I loved their first track "Glorious Day." But when I heard "Luna," and heard the amazing bridge and solo in that song, coupled with the great melody and everything else, then I truly became a fan. It's funny though. When many groups find a sound the are comfortable with, they don't experiment with anything else. Not these guys. I was kept on my toes with the next track, "Hitchiker," which exhibited elements of White Stripes' time signature and guitar distortion, and a Third Eye Blind-like catchy chorus. "Water & Chemicals" is a fast-paced hard-rock song that would fit perfectly in the '90s alternative rock box. But there's just more to it than that. It almost seems to scream AC/DC or Van Halen with a mind-catching riff that you just can't get out of your head. I'll bet you haven't heard of these guys yet, because Arizona's been doing a great job of keeping them secret. But not anymore, the words are out, and those words are Violet Wild.

Sounds Like: Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind

Key Tracks from Suggestion Box Full: "Glorious Day," "Invention," "Luna," "Hitchiker," "Water & Chemicals"

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