Me: Adam Marx--Writer/Founder/Visionary

So I'm Adam, and I decided to start NewRockNews43 to give all you music lovers out there a heads up on new music and artists in the underground. While I am an aspiring musician myself, I've also decided that writing about the innumerable talented artists out there is to enticing to pass up. If you like new music and keeping up with new groups and trend within the underground worlds of pop-punk, hard-rock, electro-pop, acoustic, and alternative, then NewRockNews43 is the place to come and read.
Unsigned, underground, independent: if any of these sound like terms that refer to the groups you like, or even just groups and artists you like to keep up with and discover, then read on. If not, just read on anyway haha. Among others, I  have two rules here at NewRockNews43 that I never break:
1) I never write about anything without giving the artist a good listen: even groups who are experimenting with new sounds and ideas deserve a chance to be given the mic for a second. Listening to new types of music is how we discover new things in the world and in ourselves, so I encourage everyone here who reads an article to keep reading, you might find other artists you'd never have listened to in a million years, and that's the beauty of discovering new music.
2) I will never write anything negative about any group or artist. This is not a site for dishing of groups and taking part in gossip. Sometimes there will be features that perhaps might go behind the music, but I will not indulge the human taste in dirt here. No one here will ever be insulted or critically analyzed: music is meant to be enjoyed. Everyone has their own tastes in music, and here at NewRockNews43 respect is given to all.
As I write this, I am cognizant that the music landscape has changed; the old establishment of the record company and distribution machine is coming to an end, and for better or for worse, that's reality. But rather than try and find ways to keep an old locomotive running, I see NewRockNews43 as the first step into the future. Perhaps NewRockNews43 will be going years from now, or it might evolve into something even I cannot imagine yet. Whatever the end result, I am excited to keep writing and keep sharing new music with all of you out there. So read and enjoy, and if you have any ideas or comments, please do not feel shy about emailing me. I have set up an email at NewRockNews43@yahoo.com for all of your replies, and information about following NewRockNews43 elsewhere is available on the Contact and Follow page. Peace all, and keep rockin'!!                  


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