Thursday, December 29, 2011

List for the Insomniac

December  29, 2011  --  12:39 A.M.

1. Pornstar - Almost Kings
2. Natural - Farewell Disaster
3. Truth or Dare - Waking Elliot
4. Coast to Coast - Those Mockingbirds
5. Fact and Friction - The Nearly Deads
6. Shirts Off, Skirts Off - Prom for 8
7. Bullet - June Divided
8. Where You Used to Be - The Few
9. The Fire - Fight the Fear
10. Bondage - Soylent Red

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Honesty Finding Comfort Here

It's been a little while since we heard anything out of The Honesty, but the silence was broken just a few weeks ago. Coming back with a brand new EP released around Thanksgiving, The Honesty take the first shot as the new EP takes roots in my head and won't let go.
One of the best things about The Honesty's new EP Find Comfort Here is the exploration of new sounds and experimentation with different vocal dynamics than on their previous effort,  The Things We'll Never Know. While the latter was characterized by the lead vocals of Tasha Gilbreath, now the reigns of the lead vocals (as well as all of the EP's instrumentation) are taken over by Michael Davis as The Honesty concoct a new layer of sonic skin to wrap themselves in.

The Honesty's newest EP: Find Comfort Here

Containing just three tracks, Find Comfort Here draws its power from the driving guitars and melodic vocal hooks that made The Things We'll Never Know an immediate must-hear. Now, the with their energy reinvested in the pounding rhythm section married to symphonic guitar prowess, The Honesty come back with an EP that drips in melody and alternative adrenaline.
Track one is "Warning!," and the breathy palm-mutes by Davis are instant ear-candy as his vocals slide easily over the song's mashing rhythms. The drumming in all rock n' roll, a driving thunderstorm of cymbal-crashes and quick snare-cracks. Over as soon as it begins, "Warning!" is the best way for The Honesty to breakout on their newest EP. One of the things that's so great about this song is it goes so quickly only because you're simply unable to distance yourself from the audio-energy dripping out of the computer speakers. As opposed to coming back with an overdone track that begs to be put out of its misery, "Warning!" is a quick POW-POW-CRACK to your senses leaving you doubtless and wanting more.
"Runaway" is no different. Blasting forth from second one with a wall of guitar notes and drums that stand out, The Honesty craft a song that is more than just a filler track for the EP: it continues the energy of "Warning!" without overdoing anything and keeping the sounds of the recording in line. The vocals are smooth, pithy with masses of sultry sexiness thrown in for good measure. "Runaway" is going to be that song that plays all winter, gaining legions of new fans for The Honesty before they even know it.
Rounding out the EP is "The Way Out," a track that relies heavily on rhythmic changes brought on by distorted notes and a resigned but powerful bass. Something about this song just grabs me: it just sounds like winter, and with the cold, dark months just ahead, "The Way Out" is sure to be on repeat for my foreseeable future.
Find Comfort Here chalks up to a clear victory for The Honesty. Through new experimentation married to tried and true traditions, The Honesty reemerge with an EP that focuses the spotlight securely on them. When Find Comfort Here is playing, you simply won't be able to think of anyone else. This band will be all over your radar, invading your senses at every turn. Not bad for an EP just three songs long clocking in at just under ten minutes. Not bad at all. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Pydromania "Best of" Contests Up Now!!

Hey all, to mark the end of a great year for NewRockNews43, I decided to start a new little tradition. With all the amazing groups we've heard and discovered this year, who do you think is the absolute best?! I'm calling it the Pydromania "Best of" Contest because these artists are so hot, they're cool (figure that one out if you can, ha!). Five categories, over 30 bands and artists, and more amazing songs than I can count that have shaped this year for NewRockNews43 and my brand new radio show Underground Takeover, so which artists really rocked the hardest?! The winning artists of each category will get a promo of their choosing displayed on the front page of NewRockNews43 as one of the first posts of the new year. They also will receive bragging rights not only for the whole year as being voted the best and hardest-rocking, but will receive bragging rights for being the FIRST artists to ever win this brand new annual contest. Winners may also receive amped airplay on my show Underground Takeover in Boston, so who's looking for some airplay?? ;D Polls are on the right side of the pages, and voting closes in just under 2 weeks, so get listening, and get voting!!

The nominees are:

For Best Hard-Rock/Metal Artist of 2011:

  • Diamond Eye
  • Tetrarch
  • Reapers Riddle
  • All I Know
  • Homebrewe
  • Into the Night
  • Almost Kings
  • The Swear

For Best Pop/Rock Artist of 2011:

  • Andy Gruhin
  • Cloé Beaudoin
  • The Head
  • Ratham Stone
  • Aerials
  • The Heartshakes

For Best Pop-Punk/Punk Artist of 2011:

  • Darling Parade
  • The Lightweights
  • Minds Without Purpose
  • The Honesty
  • Voted Most Random
  • Versus the Robot!
  • Start Up 45

For Best Electronic/Alternative Artist of 2011:

  • Lost In Atlantis
  • The Orkids
  • The Blue Pages

For Best Alternative-Rock Artist of 2011:

  • 49 Stones
  • WeSurrender
  • Season to Attack
  • The Riot Tapes
  • The Life Review
  • Radagun
  • Sound Express
  • Death is a Dialogue
  • Fit For Rivals
  • Fools For Rowan

There they are guys, so keep the votes coming, and we'll cap off this year with an explosive bang! More articles to come, and I have some awesome reviews, interviews and lists coming, so keep rocking and we'll make 2011 the best year NewRockNews43 has seen yet!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tetrarch Announce Plans for New EP/Music Video in 2012

I was way stoked to see this video up of Tetrarch's own Diamond Rowe announcing new plans for the metal foursome in 2012. According to Rowe (and as you can see in the video update), Tetrarch are planning to record at Audiohammer Studios, a mecca for new metal artists. In addition to the announced six-song EP, I'm also jumping to see the newly announced Tetrarch music video debut which according to Rowe is set to arise sometime next spring. Get pumped guys, Tetrarch are coming back hard!! Check out Diamond Rowe's video update below!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

List for the Insomniac

December 8, 2011 -- 12:07 A.M.

1. You Aren't Even Worth This Song - Season to Attack
2. Schizophrenic Me - WeSurrender
3. Never Wrong - Darling Parade
4. Dream Away - Aerials
5. Indigo - 49 Stones
6. Haunted - Radagun
7. Rain - All I Know
8. Infatuation - The Heartshakes
9. Sick - Minds Without Purpose
10. Broken - Sound Express

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Diamond Eye Marching to the Sound of the Guns

I'm super stoked to be the one to bring you coverage of this new EP today because it is going to tear your head off and leave you shaking in the wind. And that's just for starters.

Diamond Eye's debut EP, Sound of the Guns

Australia's Diamond Eye have been a band on my radar since I came across them in late 2009. Since then, I've been keeping up with every new release of the band, and every big event they've taken down in their path. Back in late '09, I got my hands on a copy of a rough demo that Diamond Eye used to gain some attention in the Perth heavy metal scene. To give you an idea of how rough this demo was, all it said on the front was Diamond Eye and Demo. But rough doesn't mean bad, and the minute I threw that demo on I was instantly hit by tracks of a caliber that blew my mind. Rough, yes, but holding so much promise, and as I listened to tracks like "Waiting for Me," "Machine," and "Holding On," all I could imagine was what it must have felt like listening to a rough Metallica or Iron Maiden demo before they took off. Secretly, I hoped that those three songs would see new rerecordings as Diamond Eye gained more clout (perhaps not so secretly, as I told lead guitarist Greg Fawcett that "Waiting for Me" was a sparkling diamond in the rough).
Last year saw the release of Diamond Eye's debut live DVD/album Alive and Kicking which I also happened to be able to get my hands on. Though the album showed extreme promise with tracks like "Atlantis" and a live recording of "Machine," one track stood above the others as the song that could not be ignored: "Sound of the Guns."

Diamond Eye; From left: Geoff Keating, Will Kelly, Greg Fawcett, and Chase Cameron

Now, finally, Diamond Eye have returned with their newest studio effort, the EP so rightly titled Sound of the Guns. Yes, the title track is on here, and yes the studio recording is more than I could have dreamed of. Greg Fawcett's lead guitar burns with the rage and determination of an axe on a mission, and as his riffs pepper the rhythmic drumbeats of Geoff Keating and bass-blasts of Chase Cameron, Diamond Eye have reached a new level altogether. From the start, "Sound of the Guns" sounds like a Metallica-influenced song with the bluff and bluster of a Maiden-lead charge. Will Kelly's vocals have improved even more since Alive and Kicking, and now his octave vocal wails are high above Keating's drums as Fawcett pick-slides into an altogether new rhythm. The best part about this song is that is changes halfway through, and in one song there are two great parts mashed together to provide a shrill nitro-explosion to your brain. As Kelly leads out on his vocal highs, the rhythm section follows suit as Fawcett solos until the very last seconds of this song. There is no way this track could have been done any better, and with a single like this, Diamond Eye cement their image as one of Perth's hardest rocking bands.
Sound of the Guns also sees rerecorded versions of "Waiting for Me" (a fucking brilliant rerecording by the way, filled with more balls and gusto than most groups can muster on a whole album), "Atlantis," and "Machine," as well as a new track, "Closer to the Sun." The rerecorded version of "Waiting for Me" has all the balls of the demo amped up to 11 (ha!) with the same sick guitar solo that melted my face off the first time I listened to the demo. This song has only gotten better, and is a completely and undeniably brilliant track. "Atlantis" and "Machine" are more robust than they were previously, and with the new "Closer to the Sun" to round it out, Sound of the Guns is an explosive triumph for Diamond Eye. This EP has to be at the top of your must-hear list. No exceptions. 

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