Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Honesty Finding Comfort Here

It's been a little while since we heard anything out of The Honesty, but the silence was broken just a few weeks ago. Coming back with a brand new EP released around Thanksgiving, The Honesty take the first shot as the new EP takes roots in my head and won't let go.
One of the best things about The Honesty's new EP Find Comfort Here is the exploration of new sounds and experimentation with different vocal dynamics than on their previous effort,  The Things We'll Never Know. While the latter was characterized by the lead vocals of Tasha Gilbreath, now the reigns of the lead vocals (as well as all of the EP's instrumentation) are taken over by Michael Davis as The Honesty concoct a new layer of sonic skin to wrap themselves in.

The Honesty's newest EP: Find Comfort Here

Containing just three tracks, Find Comfort Here draws its power from the driving guitars and melodic vocal hooks that made The Things We'll Never Know an immediate must-hear. Now, the with their energy reinvested in the pounding rhythm section married to symphonic guitar prowess, The Honesty come back with an EP that drips in melody and alternative adrenaline.
Track one is "Warning!," and the breathy palm-mutes by Davis are instant ear-candy as his vocals slide easily over the song's mashing rhythms. The drumming in all rock n' roll, a driving thunderstorm of cymbal-crashes and quick snare-cracks. Over as soon as it begins, "Warning!" is the best way for The Honesty to breakout on their newest EP. One of the things that's so great about this song is it goes so quickly only because you're simply unable to distance yourself from the audio-energy dripping out of the computer speakers. As opposed to coming back with an overdone track that begs to be put out of its misery, "Warning!" is a quick POW-POW-CRACK to your senses leaving you doubtless and wanting more.
"Runaway" is no different. Blasting forth from second one with a wall of guitar notes and drums that stand out, The Honesty craft a song that is more than just a filler track for the EP: it continues the energy of "Warning!" without overdoing anything and keeping the sounds of the recording in line. The vocals are smooth, pithy with masses of sultry sexiness thrown in for good measure. "Runaway" is going to be that song that plays all winter, gaining legions of new fans for The Honesty before they even know it.
Rounding out the EP is "The Way Out," a track that relies heavily on rhythmic changes brought on by distorted notes and a resigned but powerful bass. Something about this song just grabs me: it just sounds like winter, and with the cold, dark months just ahead, "The Way Out" is sure to be on repeat for my foreseeable future.
Find Comfort Here chalks up to a clear victory for The Honesty. Through new experimentation married to tried and true traditions, The Honesty reemerge with an EP that focuses the spotlight securely on them. When Find Comfort Here is playing, you simply won't be able to think of anyone else. This band will be all over your radar, invading your senses at every turn. Not bad for an EP just three songs long clocking in at just under ten minutes. Not bad at all. 

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