Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Pydromania "Best of" Contests Up Now!!

Hey all, to mark the end of a great year for NewRockNews43, I decided to start a new little tradition. With all the amazing groups we've heard and discovered this year, who do you think is the absolute best?! I'm calling it the Pydromania "Best of" Contest because these artists are so hot, they're cool (figure that one out if you can, ha!). Five categories, over 30 bands and artists, and more amazing songs than I can count that have shaped this year for NewRockNews43 and my brand new radio show Underground Takeover, so which artists really rocked the hardest?! The winning artists of each category will get a promo of their choosing displayed on the front page of NewRockNews43 as one of the first posts of the new year. They also will receive bragging rights not only for the whole year as being voted the best and hardest-rocking, but will receive bragging rights for being the FIRST artists to ever win this brand new annual contest. Winners may also receive amped airplay on my show Underground Takeover in Boston, so who's looking for some airplay?? ;D Polls are on the right side of the pages, and voting closes in just under 2 weeks, so get listening, and get voting!!

The nominees are:

For Best Hard-Rock/Metal Artist of 2011:

  • Diamond Eye
  • Tetrarch
  • Reapers Riddle
  • All I Know
  • Homebrewe
  • Into the Night
  • Almost Kings
  • The Swear

For Best Pop/Rock Artist of 2011:

  • Andy Gruhin
  • Cloé Beaudoin
  • The Head
  • Ratham Stone
  • Aerials
  • The Heartshakes

For Best Pop-Punk/Punk Artist of 2011:

  • Darling Parade
  • The Lightweights
  • Minds Without Purpose
  • The Honesty
  • Voted Most Random
  • Versus the Robot!
  • Start Up 45

For Best Electronic/Alternative Artist of 2011:

  • Lost In Atlantis
  • The Orkids
  • The Blue Pages

For Best Alternative-Rock Artist of 2011:

  • 49 Stones
  • WeSurrender
  • Season to Attack
  • The Riot Tapes
  • The Life Review
  • Radagun
  • Sound Express
  • Death is a Dialogue
  • Fit For Rivals
  • Fools For Rowan

There they are guys, so keep the votes coming, and we'll cap off this year with an explosive bang! More articles to come, and I have some awesome reviews, interviews and lists coming, so keep rocking and we'll make 2011 the best year NewRockNews43 has seen yet!

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