Friday, September 4, 2009

The Sign Off

So right now, it's 5 minutes to midnight, and I've just now discovered an all new alternative, pop-punk group from Boston, Massachusetts. The Sign Off are a great alternative, pop-punk group that have a new sound for a new decade that's bleeding bad music all over the place. Composed of Mike McGivern (vocals and guitar), Adam Leonard (bass), and Conor McEntee (drums), TSO's indie-rock sound revolves around the traditional power-trio three-piece, but there's something more there. It's not the same old sound that's felt from every new group sprouting up out of Boston, New York or D.C. As unique as Cream was in its time, or Motorhead in its time, The Sign Off brings something new to the table. Perhaps it's the indie-rock voice of McGivern, the Eve 6-like melodies, or the seemingly Sum 41-inspired lyrics. Whatever it is though, I was hooked from the first chords of "Her Ok Tragedy." While the piano, unbelievably, has become an overused instrument today (thanks to sampling and awful pop songs), the few piano chords on "Her Ok Tragedy" combine perfectly with the soothing guitar, the rhythmic bass line, and the easy-going drum beat. The concert continues on TSO's debut EP, Blood in the Alcohol System, with "Revisions," a witty, poppy ballad about life and hardship. On to the title track, "Blood in the Alcohol System." While this one seems to deal with darker sides of the human psyche, that doesn't at all mean it's a bad song. (After all, "Reign in Blood" off Slayer's classic album, Raining Blood, is a heavy metal classic). The EP wraps up (at least for now) with "Maturity." Now, whether or not this track describes the members themselves is not the point. What is, is that it's a new stab at an old idea. But new stabs are always welcome, and this track is just great to listen to. Check these guys out, they're worth the login.

Sounds Like: Sum 41, Yellowcard, Bowling for Soup

Key Tracks from Blood in the Alcohol System: "Her Ok Tragedy," "Revisions," "Blood in the Alcohol System," "Maturity"

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