Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can You Keep A Secret?

No, it's really not supposed to be a question, but I thought I'd be a little sneaky. This group of four pop-punksters out of Aubry Park, New Jersey is putting their own stamp on what they think pop-punk should be. Playing alongside and taking their cue from such as as All Time Low and Just Surrender, CYKAS is bringing back the pop-punk style that groups like Cartel and Cute Is What We Aim For recently repopularized a few years ago. Consisting of John Abbate (vocals), Alan Scarpa (guitar and vocals), Dan Dinen (bass), and Josh Craig (drums), CYKAS launches into their first track, "Take a Chance," and I'm mesmerized. Abbate's smooth, anthemic vocals mesh perfectly with Scarpa's palm-mutes and searing guitar riffs. Yet, Dinen's and Craig's versatile abilities can be felt uniquely too; Dinen with his rhythmic bass pounding in "Make Them Believe, Make It Reality," and Craig's almost '60s style-meets-'90s alternative punk drumming on "Let's Say We Did."
CYKAS's debut EP sold over 1,000 copies, and these new tracks, of their new EP, The Feeling of Being Alive, keep to that vein of hard-rock and pop-punk direction.
Now I'm listening to "The End of the Story," and it's a song I find myself bopping my head to. This is just the kind of music you don't want to fast-forward or rewind. Taking a page from All Time Low's ultra-catchy melodies and Amber Pacific's keen lyrics, CYKAS seem to push the borders of pop-punk farther with each song. You have to check these guys out. They're going to be the next Boys Like Girls overnight sensation.

Sounds Like: Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Cute Is What We Aim For, Cartel

Key Tracks from The Feeling of Being Alive: "Take a Chance," "Make Them Believe, Make It Reality"

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