Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Avery Dylan Project

Oh my god! These guys are so amazing that the minute I heard them I knew I'd be writing a new entry. A blues/rock trio from right here in Georgia, Athens I think to be precise, The Avery Dylan Project is almost a modern incarnation of Cream. Granted they may not have the same Ginger Baker-style drumming that Cream enjoyed, but listening to these guys, I'm still bewildered how they could possibly still be unsigned. Made up of Avery Dylan on guitar and lead vocals, Clint Swords on bass and vocals, and Mike Strickland on drums and vocals, ADP are truly a modern blues/rock answer to who can come out of the Deep South. While Strickland lays down a hypnotic, almost seductive beat, Swords joins in with an almost hidden, yet invaluable bass line. Dylan, on the other hand, soars high above, with Clapton-esque guitar riffs that make my ears smile and my eyes tear because I haven't heard such an amazing use of blues guitar since I first heard Eric Clapton and Cream for the first time years ago. Would I definitely see these guys live? Yes! Would I sign them if I had my own label? I would sign these guys even if my label was exclusively punk rock and post-grunge. Check them out. The key tracks that I'll list below, listen to ALL of them. The guitar is absolutely SICK!

Sounds Like: The Yardbirds, The Bluesbreakers, Cream, ZZ Top

Key Tracks: "Broken Down," Take Away," That's Ok"

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