Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the Front

Just so many times, you hear something new, and it strikes you like a baseball bat to the head, and you ask yourself why isn't everyone listening to this band. That was how I felt when I heard these guys. A pop-punk, indie alternative band out of Fall Out Boy's hometown, Chicago, On the Front blends catchy pop melodies with technical rock prowess to produce a pop-punk sound that's not even worth trying to ignore, because you won't be able to. After releasing their debut EP, ...AS the Story Goes... a couple years ago, OTF has just recently finished recording their sophomore EP, Falling With Style, and I must say, every song on it is a must-hear.
Made possible by Gary Kessy (vocals), Jason Bailey (guitar), Dan Orosco (keyboards and vocals), Eric Kalina (bass), and Joey Gibbs (drums), Falling With Style starts of with "Directions," a pop-punk number, featuring especially great vocals from Kessy and Orosco. My intrigue is furthered on the next couple of tracks, "Falling with Style," and "Can't Sleep... Robots Will Eat Me," where OTF experiments with aspects of pop-punk, emo punk, alternative rock, and hardcore.
The EP finishes up with "Letters," a pop-emo-punk anthem with hardcore (though fittingly) vocals towards the end, and "Just Like Me." The second of the these two, "Just Like Me," just sets itself apart in my opinion from the rest of the EP. There's just something different about it. It's on these two tracks in particular, that I think Bailey's guitar playing compliments very well Kalina's pulsing bass, and Gibbs' drum beats and crash hits. This would end up being the track at the show where everyone in the crowd sings along. A great finish to a great EP.

Sounds Like: Boys Like Girls, Lostprophets, Sparta

Key Tracks from Falling With Style: "Directions," "Can't Sleep... Robots Will Eat Me," "Just Like Me"

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