Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rome Juliana

There is nothing to say about this band except that they are 100% original and that I've never heard anything like them. Never have I heard such a mix of alternative, acoustic, and cello rock. Rome Juliana hale from Winston Salem, North Carolina, and this quintet have decided to take it upon themselves to redefine the alternative and acoustic genres.
Made up of Ryan Roets (vocals), Drew Wolber (guitar), Daniel Seriff (guitar), John Rosal (guitar), and Devree Lewis (cello), Rome Juliana puts a unique alternative spin on what would usually be typical acoustic music with two plus guitars. Yet with Roets' vocals, and Lewis's conspicuous cello chords, Rome Juliana provide an alternative rock sound that incorporates what seems to be a wide range of influences, including (at least to my ears) Spanish flamentco stylings.
It starts off with "Beneath the Sheets," an acoustic ballad given a darker tone by Lewis's somber cello strokes. It's almost like an acoustic alternative rocker meeting Apocalyptica and jamming. After "Fairy Tale," another acoustic ballad, Rome Juliana moves on to an electric number in "Man of Words." Here, interestingly, as Wolber, Seriff, and Rosal adopt solid-body electric guitars instead of acoustic ones, Roets, too, seems to adopt a different style of vocals, seeming to opt for an almost hip-hop style during the verses before returning to the alternative-style chorus. Also, "Man of Words" showcases a beautiful harmonica track that, combined with Lewis's cello, yet again, create a song with a wide range of emotions. Rome Juliana has clearly moved away from the one song, one emotion ideal, and, as the song ends with a searing guitar riff, you're left wondering which emotion you felt 3 1/2 seconds ago was the one the song was supposed to stir. These guys (and girl) are an amazing, eclectic mix of alternative, acoustic, and cello rock, and if you like any one of these, you have to listen to them.

Sounds Like: Apocalyptica, Rascal Flatts, Stevie Ray Vaughn

Key Tracks from Rome Juliana EP: "Beneath the Sheets," Fairy Tale," "Man of Words," Maya's Lullaby"

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