Friday, September 25, 2009

The Fallen Line

Sometimes groups surprise you, and you realize that you were wrong about them. I came across this group a few days ago, and I gotta say, I wasn't very impressed. Yet, listening to them now, I was wondering if I was having just a bad day, or if I wasn't closely enough, because these guys have a sick sound that isn't just regular old cookie-cutter punk rock.
Made up of Ed (lead vocals and guitar), Marc (guitar) Steve (bass and vocals), and Danny (drums), TFL introduces to us a hard-edged punk sound with the sensibilities of a pop song while retaining all the shred of a hard-rock anthem.
The first song I listen to from their self-titled EP is "Running Nowhere," a pop-punk song that makes me think of Blink-182 and Sum 41. Personally my favorite aspects of this song, aside from the vocals which fit perfectly, are the bass and drums, which just make this a get-up-and-move kind of song. However the two guitarists, Ed and Marc shine on the next song, "Autumn Again, which opens with a searing riff that just continues throughout the whole song. The drumming in this song works with the rhythm guitar to deliver a mace blow to the senses. It's just one of those guitar riffs that has you go "Whoa, what the HELL?!"
The last song I listen to is "De Aries," a number that differs from the previous two. Instead of a straight-laced pop-punk song, this one seems a little more alternative, complete with some hardcore vocals that would be reminiscent of AFI. Yet, once again, the sick, Scorpions-like guitar solo just makes my draw drop again. The Fallen Line = a must-hear band. Period.

Sounds Like: Puddle of Mudd, Stone Sour, (+44)

Key Tracks from The Fallen Line: "Running Nowhere," "Autumn Again," "De Aries"

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