Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look Past the LeatherFace

This is one of those funny instances with a name the describes the thing it names in no way whatsoever. Like a massive guy named Tiny, or a Chihuahua named Killer.
LeatherFace is a pop-punk band out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, specializing in catchy pop-punk tunes. Made up of Tyler Gilboe (lead vocals), Austin Jager (lead guitar), Casey Vandalarschot (guitar), Mark Lephy (bass), and Zak Proier (drums).
There's no way to describe these guys any more than to say their melodies are catchy as hell, the vocals work fantastically in a way most pop songs are overdone, and the guitar progressions have you humming along so much you almost want to kill yourself because you know you'll never get the tune out of your head.
The first track I listen to from their EP No One's Alone is "Get Up," an acoustically-inspired ballad that just fits within the vein of Amber Pacific, and even near The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's new song "Pen and Paper." The guitar riff is something that is so catchy that I kick myself for not writing it myself. It carries the song so perfectly I just sway with the awesome melody. Gilboe's resonating voice and and introspective lyrics make "Get Up" one of this group's must-hear songs. In fact, I'd say for me, it's what makes this a must-hear group.
Then it moves on to "So Long Ago," another easy-going, yet intricate song with melodies Simple Plan might be jealous of. The vocals in this one meld perfectly over the chorus, giving you another perfect camp song for around the fire-pit. "Wonderwall," "Good Riddance," "Slide," move over, "So Long Ago" is on its way.
The the mood changes a little with the tracks "Poison" and "On Your Side," two more electrically-inspired numbers that further my faith in this group, because of the great diversity of their songs. Amber Pacific, Third Eye Blind, Last Goodnight, eat your hearts out, because LeatherFace is on their way.

Sounds Like: Amber Pacific, The Last Goodnight, Third Eye Blind

Key Tracks from No One's Alone: "Get Up," "So Long Ago," "Poison," "On Your Side"

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