Saturday, September 19, 2009

In The Medium

Sometimes bands experiment, while looking for one sound, and come across a completely different, unique sound that they an adopt as their own, different from anyone else. Case in point, The Medium, who seem to have been greatly influenced by indie and piano rock, as well as garage rock drum beats and rhythms, yet have completely cultivated their own sound, so they don't sound like anyone else. Built up of David Leney (vocals and guitar), Matt Rubba (guitar), Jason Millstein (keyboards), Rich Ratner (bass), and Dave Dabek (drums), The Medium produces something the few bands ever do: songs that sound completely different from each other.
So many times bands find a sound that works and stick with that, but rarely do they continue to experiment. Yet the catchy, garage-rocky sound of "Prime" is WAY different, the polar opposite it seems in fact, of the more techno-inspired, yet just as amazing "I Wore This Shirt for a Reason." "Prime" combines garage rock rhythms with softer, almost Coldplay-like vocals, just with more kick than Coldplay. And when "I Wore This Shirt for a Reason" comes on, I'm floored and confused, because it's SO way different, but not in a bad way. It's great and amazing that one group can have so many different sounds. After "I Wore This Shirt for a Reason" ends, I'm plunged into the alternative rock-sounding "I Heard Thunder," which sounds more '90s inspired than the other two tracks. But the sheer thrill I get out of having three completely different tracks overrides whatever skepticism I might have had before. It's clear that The Medium's EP The Roaring Twenties contains a wide variety of sounds and influences, and for that reason alone I would consider picking it up. The fact that every song is great just adds to your reason for doing so.

Sounds Like: Shiny Toy Guns, Narration, The Strokes, Silversun Pickups

Key Tracks from The Roaring Twenties: "Prime," "I Wore This Shirt for a Reason," "I Heard Thunder," "Someday"

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