Monday, September 21, 2009

The Flight Station Takes Off

It's just a few minutes past midnight, and I'm having one of those epiphanies again. I really don't spend enough time listening to groups that fit into the pop-indie genre. Don't know why, but I think after finding these guys I'm going to change. The Flight Station is a pop-punk, alternative rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was actually voted into Alternative Press as a Hometown Hero in February of this year. But frankly, it's not good enough for me that they were voted in, and have probably like one sentence written about them; I want to be seeing their T-shirts and CD's in Hot Topic and Spencer's.
Made up of Corey Moore (vocals and guitar), Alex Wheatley (vocals and guitar), Josh Roaden (bass), and Corey Powell (drums), TFS delivers hard punches of pop-punk melody laced with hard-rock riffs, and even a Bowling for Soup-like humor in some of their numbers.
Their Escaping Ourselves EP, the follow-up to their Falling Star EP, which contained such incredible songs as "California," "Days Left Behind," and "Memories in the Sky," (an altogether great EP), starts of with "The Last Time," a fantastic song set in driving guitar riffs, bashing drums, pounding bass, and soaring smooth vocals. They continue on with "Just the Beginning," a pop-punk ballad that once again reworks the whole boy-girl, "let's run away together" idea, but for some reason, it doesn't seem so overblown. It just works. The vocals particularly on this track, and the interesting time signature, combine with the other elements to create a really special song. This track also contains a promising keyboard/synth part which adds to TFS's unique use of their own sound.
"Just the Beginning" slides into the next one, "The Perfect Moment," so well it seems like the two are two halves to a single, giant track. Characterized by an anthemic chorus, sing-along verses, and a guitar note progression that sticks in your head no matter how much you might wish it would leave (and I have no idea why you would wish such a thing). The EP finishes with "Searching for Me," a track that clocks in at 6:40. But don't be put off by its length; "Searching for Me" has a message that Moore, Wheatley, Roaden and Powell deliver with a great keyboard sequence, an almost '60s drum beat, and vocals that just make the track shine. These are only 4 of the 6 tracks on the EP. I highly suggest listening to them, and discovering for yourself the other 2.

Sounds Like: All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Forever the Sickest Kids

Key Tracks from Escaping Ourselves: "The Last Time," "Just the Beginning," The Perfect Moment," "Searching for Me"

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