Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nothing But Nude Hemp

I was gonna call it a day after doing the piece on The Electric Noise Act, but then I came across these guys, and everything changed. Now I'm normally not soooo much into acoustic music. I like it in moderation. Some Sublime here, some Less Than Jake there. But these guys MADE me sit down and write this. From the first guitar notes of "Porch Days" I was hooked. No question, no comment, no room for argument. If these had great guitar alone I would listen to them. But then they add to that a Sublime-esque drum beat, real easy-going, and a deep, introspective voice. With that combination you can't go wrong.
A four-piece out of Kentucky, Nude Hemp is composed of Landon Carrier (guitar and vocals), Gage Jones (guitar), Matt (bass), and Chris Marsee (drums). Now personally I think this group's best attribute is their incredible guitar playing, but that is not at all to say that there isn't more there. Marsee's drumming seems a little minimalist in the beginning, but then you listen to it, and realize that it fits the music perfectly. And Carrier's vocals, just amazing. Dark and introspective, over a lighter melody, almost what it might sound like if Jim Morrison had joined Sublime for a day. Now these guys are releasing their 5-song EP Seed, and I HIGHLY suggest getting your hands on it. I'm listening to "Porch Days" again, and it's just amazing. "Blue Irish Rain" and "Aqua Dementia" aren't too bad either. Check these guys out. They have something to say.

Sounds Like: Sublime, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, The Avett Brothers

Key Tracks from Seed: "Porch Days," "Nude Hemp," "Blue Irish Rain," "Aqua Dementia"

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  1. holy hell man, i like this, im the guitarist, and danm man, we havent had anyone do this for us. i really appreciate the spread of word man, add us on myspace.com/cgnh or my personal page, just go to friends and type .gage add me or jones_gage@hotmail.com for the msn. hit me up man really.


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