Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life Without Ryan

So these guys are just amazing- pure and simple. A smooth mix of emotional lyrics, easy-going guitar and bass, and a chilled out drum beat, Life Without Ryan is the southern answer to northern jam bands like Phish and Dave Matthews Band. While not a jam band itself, LWR incorporates the easy-going guitar riff and bass line of Matchbox Twenty, Tom Petty, and Dire Straits with the southern drum beat of Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Comprised of Luke Warren (guitar and vocals), Ed Varsalona (guitar and vocals), JD Dick (bass), and James Reynolds (drums and vocals), Life Without Ryan is the chilled out, Sublime-ish sound that would be perfect for a summer day by the pool, or even a day inside while it storms outside. This music is so versatile, I even feel bad trying to label it. The reality is is that it's just such a good mix of alternative rock, jam band, rock, southern rock, and pop rock that it would be a crime to pigeon-hole it in one genre.
One listen to the first song, "All That I've Got," hooked me. With as many hooks as a Matchbox Twenty song, "All That I've Got" could easily garner attention toward the band if it received just one play on the radio. Followed by the tracks "Telescope," "Winona Ryder," and "Something Sweet for Leah," "All That I've Got" kicks off a pretty damn-good EP. Twenty Minutes Late is definitely and EP to check out. (And the small synth section on "Telescope" would make Gary Numan cry because it fits so well in the song). If you haven't heard of these guys, get your ass over to their sites and listen. You'll end up playing their stuff over and over.

Sounds Like: Matchbox Twenty,  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Third Eye Blind

Key Tracks from Twenty Minutes Late: "All That I've Got," "Telescope," "Winona Ryder"

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