Friday, September 18, 2009

Rockin' Out on Webster Street

They're a three-piece out of Indiana named after a street in their hometown. No strangers to touring or acclaim, Webster Street, made up of brothers Mike Murray (vocals and guitar) and Pat Murray (vocals and drums), and Scott Schave (bass), just knock out tune after tune in the vein of alternative hard-rock, with catchy pop-punk melodies. Releasing their debut album, Ryan's Dog, in 2006, Webster have been sharpening their teeth on the tour circuit, and after listening to a few of the songs off their debut album, all I can ask is why, because they certainly don't need it! Whether people are born with talent or come into it, I don't much care, because whether or not these guys have been able to rock this well since birth, or only in the past couple years, the fact of the matter is is that they do now.
The playlist starts with "Should Of," an acoustic-led ballad of sorts. Then Pat Murray comes in on the drums and Schave starts in on the bass as Mike Murray strums away on the guitar. Ultra bliss. Just perfect. Now I'm a music snob, I admit it, and I listen to thousands of songs, thinking of ways I could make them better, but this one is just PERFECT. I wouldn't change a thing. Then Webster continues with "Garage Sale," and "Love Letter," one of my personal favorites. When you hear this, you can tell Murray is baring his soul to the world, and that's what I want in a song. Skip the fake BS and give me something real. Then Pat, again, crashes in on the cymbals and Schave's bass sets the rhythm for what I can only describe as a revamped version of the power-ballad. Only this time, the hairspray and glitz are gone, and what's left is pure feeling and emotion. Then as the middle of the song approaches, the tempo goes up a bit, and Murray sears away with a Scorpions-like riff. Incredible. Hats off to you Webster Street, one of the best songs I've heard in a long time.   

Sounds Like: Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Matchbox Twenty

Key Tracks from Ryan's Dog: "Should Of," "Garage Sale," "Love Letter," "Simple"

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