Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Ruby Rose for You, A Ruby Rose for Me

Nowadays it's pretty common to come across a good hard-rock or post-grunge band. They practically pervade the rock music market because, well, after the grunge movement in the '90s, it's to be expected. Yet it's so rare to find a great indie-rock band anywhere. A group whose sound is so off the wall that it sounds completely different than anything out there. Luckily, I seem to be having luck in that area this week.
I present to you Ruby Roses, a incredible indie, alternative rock group out of Wayne, New Jersey. Comprising Evan Hooker (vocals and guitar), Aaron Mazie (vocals and guitar), Jon Bruno (guitar), Andrew Giordano (vocals and keyboards), Justin Vitetta (bass), and Brian Carlucci (vocals and drums), Ruby Roses presents a clear, crisp indie sound that sounds equally as fun-loving as 1990s' debut album Cookies, yet also as introspective as Silversun Pickups' debut, Carnavas. Hooker's, Mazie's and Bruno's guitar licks are incredible, the kind that make you want to bop your head. Sounding almost like a harken back to good old garage rock, these riffs combine with Giordano's amazing keyboard work to give the indie sound an almost techno-garage-psychadelic feel. Then underscoring it all is Vitetta's light but important bass, and Carlucci's almost John Densmore-like drumming, with Hooker's and company's vocals overhead. 
From the first strums of "Good Company," I was glued to the sound. The lyrics are clever and easy to understand, also a plus among many of today's music groups. In fact, listening to "Good Company" again now, it strikes a similarity to Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning," yet without the apparent whininess that ticks me off about Maroon 5. The harmonies in the background just paint a perfect picture and it's just one of those songs that is just great. Then we move to "Changing Tides" and "Hold You on the Phone," the former of which dishes out a great Clapton-mixed-with-Hendrix-like blues guitar riff, and both with a great techno effect towards the end as Giordano goes to town on the keyboards. As for the other members, drums and bass, they just keep it moving perfectly. Perfect time signature, and great rhythm. If you like anything indie, alternative, or garage rock sounding, these guys are a must. Some people just know how to do it, and these guys certainly do.

Sounds Like: 1990s, The Strokes, Electric Light Orchestra, Silversun Pickups, The Beatles

Key Tracks from Good Company EP: "Good Company," "Changing Tides," "Hold You on the Phone," "Between Our Dreams"

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