Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Time For July

I was about to call it a night, seeing as I have an early start tomorrow, but then I got a hold of these guys, and I had to extend my night for just a few more minutes. My last post was about a killer new hard-rock band from Canada, and this one's about an incredible new pop-punk band, also from Canada.
Rising from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, For July are a pop-punk force of epic proportions; people just don't know it yet. Comprised of Dave Hunter (lead vocals and guitar), Jordan Latour (guitar and backing vocals), and Ryan McLaughlin (drums), For July are currently searching for a bassist, but once word gets out that they're hiring, I don't think it'll be a long wait to find a suitable player.
The first track that catches my ears is "Tonight," from their self-titled debut. Riding in on a solid guitar riff, For July just command all the heads in the room, as this one takes off on pulsing drums, and incredible melodies. McLaughlin's drumming is animalistic, and it's perfect, because the ferocity adds a hysteric flavor to a killer guitar riff. On top of McLaughlin's drums are Latour's riffing, and Hunter's note progressions and vocals. The guitar riff sounds like something Lostprophets might drop on us, and Hunter's smooth pop-punk vocals are greatly complimented by Latour's scream on the choruses. This is screamo meets pop-punk meets hard-rock and alternative. With amazing melody, and solid lyrics, I think the only thing that makes this song any better is the searing Scorpions-like guitar riff that comes just about half-way through the track. If it wasn't a perfect song before this solo, it sure as hell is after. I wouldn't change one note on this track. Two thumbs up.
Track two is new to the set-list, as it was just added recently. But don't let that put you off, "Good Times" is a fantastically written number riding on a great guitar progression and insightful lyrics. McLaughlin's drums are even and solid, providing a perfect bass for Latour's and Hunter's guitars, and Hunter's smooth, pop-punk vocals. An especially great part of the track comes about half-way through with McLaughlin's drum roll, grinding right into Latour's guitar notes, with Hunter's vocals high overhead. A solid second song for a clearly great album.
Tracks three and four just serve to further FJ's sound. "Change Is" is a great, note-driven song with screams in just the right places that make you get up and punch ur fist in the air, and drums that keep you on your feet. As "Change Is" fades after a great guitar bridge, "Fable" begins, and we're once again given a great guitar sound backed by rock-hard drumbeats. Not the brightest track on the album, but no filler track either. A great fourth song.
The last song I listen to is "Don't Hold Your Breath," a great upbeat song that I'll be humming in my head as I go to sleep tonight. With Hunter's vocals here, and Latour's riffing, McLauglin takes us home with a great performance on the kit. A great chorus: strong and meaningful. And as the song fades out, it's a fantastic end to a great set-list.

Sounds Like: Lostprophets, Bullet for My Valentine, The Devil Wears Prada

Key Tracks from For July: "Tonight," "Good Times," "Change Is," "Don't Hold Your Breath"

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