Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a 3rd Rock Revolution

I discovered these guys yesterday, but I was so flustered going to sleep early (if 2 A.M. is early) to wake up for a Bar-Mitzvah this morning that I had to wait a day to write about them. After all, a poorly constructed article simply wouldn't do these guys the justice they deserve.
So without further ado, I present 3rd Rock Revolution, a blues/funk-rock band out of London, England, U.K. Composed of members Andy West (vocals), Mark Noe (guitar), Lee Hill (guitar), Jamie Acteson (bass), and David West (drums), 3rd Rock Revolution blends traditional, Cream-style blues with modern Primus-like funk to produce a truly unique sound.
The first song I listen to by these guys is actually from their debut EP, and just rocks so hard I have to mention it. "Put on Ya Boots" starts with a Geezer Butler-styled bass intro by Acteson, and already it's a great track. I hope this was track one on their EP, because it's a freakin' solid start. Building on Acteson's strong bass notes, David West's drumbeats are simple but tight. Against this rhythm are Hill's and Noe's guitars, providing a perfect tapestry for Andy West's chilled, bluesy vocals. By the way, the sick mini guitar solo right after the first verse definitely makes this a five-star track. It's not fast, it's not overly hard, but it's a perfect track. Something I'd listen to any day of the week. Definitely the best first track I could listen to.
As "Put on Ya Boots" trails out, I start on "A Portion of Distortion," a track off their debut, self-titled album. Starting on an indie-styled guitar riff by Hill, Noe soon enters on a more blues-inspired progression, and already the foundations are laid for a slick, flashy song. David West's drums are minimalist here, but that plays to the advantage of the song. And with Acteson's bass lines providing an easy stage for his vocals, Andy West lets go with a scruff in his voice that makes me almost think of Clapton or Howlin' Wolf. Things only get better when we get halfway through the song, and a dazzling guitar solo bursts from the speakers. A freakin' amazing track that would be the envy of any new group. Two thumbs up.
Track three is "Scapegoat," a harder-edged track that starts with a post-grunge-style guitar riff, and already the sound is much different from the first two songs. When the second guitar comes in, the sound is even more varied, and it almost sounds alternative. Andy West's vocals are way different here, leaning more towards an Eddie Vedder influence than an Eric Clapton one. David West's drumming has picked up a little, and is tight and strong against the blues riffing, with Acteson's bass mimicking the base drum perfectly. This song is so far flung from its blues brothers, that it sounds like something that was influenced by "Even Flow," with Stone Gossard-like guitars, and Mike McCready-esque rhythm progressions. And as David West builds into a drum roll from the high-hats towards the end, this track is 110% new and unique. There's nothing left to say about this track or these guys. I can, however, sum it all up in one word: brilliant.

Sounds Like: Pearl Jam, Cream, Black Sabbath

Key Tracks from 3rd Rock Revolution and 3RR - E.P. (respectively): "A Portion of Distortion," "Scapegoat," "Put on Ya Boots"

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