Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gabrielle, You Sooth My Soul

It's been a few days since I posted because college applications are kicking my ass again, but thankfully I found this angel of a girl, with a voice that makes my soul bleed and smile at the same time. She comes from Bath, England, U.K., and her name is Gabrielle Aplin. With prowess on the piano and the guitar, this girl's voice is like Amy Lee's kicked up a few keys, and opens a whole new door in my head for what someone can do with the simple combination of a piano and singing.
I'm hooked on this girl's music, and the first song I listen to on her Myspace tells me all I need to know about her incredible talent. "The Liar and the Lighter" is a piano-driven track that is like rubbing silk across my ears. With a voice as sweet as ambrosia, yet as powerful as the beat of an angel's wing, Gabrielle Aplin just nails it with her incredible pipes and a slow piano accompaniment that pushes this song over the edge. Everything about it is right. The piano starts and stops, the keys get low then loud, and her voice travels over all of it, a pure melody in and of itself. A perfect song for any pop singer, or any rock artist looking for a slowed-down ballad. If she is shopping a demo around to record companies, I hope this is track number one, because no record producer in his right mind would ever pass up such talented musician.
The next track, "My Heart," continues Aplin's sound on the piano, but this piano sounds more Evanescence than pure pop-rock, and with a voice that's taken on more strength and courage, Gabrielle is just a serenade to my ears. You don't need to be into pop music like Taylor Swift or Rhianna to like this girl. Her chords are so strong that they can appeal to everyone, and I'm talking about the piano and her vocals. One thing I particularly love on this song, aside from the light violin track in the back, is her double-tracked vocals, and the drums that build in towards the middle. Though the drums are not perfect (and I wouldn't expect them to be for an unsigned musician), her vocals give the song an ambiance that just wraps around you and envelops you. Absolutely brilliant.
The last track on my set-list is "Reverse," a song that's abandoned the piano now in favor of a more acoustic sound with acoustic guitar accompaniment. A very stripped-down song, this track has a very acoustic, almost folk ambiance, and it just works. Her voice is so versatile, it fits along strong piano notes as well as light guitar plucks. And with a tune that just sticks in your head, I wouldn't pass up signing this girl for anything if I had my own label. Even if pop's not normally your genre of choice, check this girl out, you won't be disappointed.

Sounds Like: Evanescence, Taylor Swift, Berlin

Key Tracks from demo: "The Liar and the Lighter," "My Heart," "Reverse"

Check out Gabrielle Aplin more at:

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