Thursday, November 5, 2009

Down on The Tree Streets

It's been a long day, and college applications are kicking my ass, but at least I found these guys to brighten my spirits. I'd thought good, old-fashoind blues-rock was long gone, and I was going to have to satiate myself with the timeless records of Clapton, Zeppelin, and ZZ Top. Luckily, however, there are those who love the classics so much they bring them up to date with new tunes and new attitude.
And so I give you The Tree Streets. Out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, The Tree Streets are a mean new take on classic blues-rock. Made up simply of Dave Russell (lead vocals and bass), Frase (guitar and backing vocals) and Colin Jolly (drums), TTS follow up their 2007 EP The Tree Streets with their new, long-awaited debut LP Right to Stand in the beginning of 2009. Long-awaited made it sound pretty enticing, so I took a listen, and I must say, it was freakin' awesome.
The first track I listen to from the new LP was "Caught Lookin'," and it was simply sweet. Right from the start, Russell lays down a bass line that reminds me happily of the one in "Seven Nation Army," and soon Frase comes in on a tasty little guitar riff while Jolly gets jolly with his drums. It's just got one of those choruses that is fantstic. Russell's vocals, too, just add to the slickness of the track. It is, in all senses of the word, kinky. And the guitar, if there was ever a solo to just go "Fuck yes!" to, this is it. The bass and drums are so sexy, I swear I could see this being the new theme music for The Pink Panther, if you get what I mean.
Then I listen to "Never Enough," a more blues-inspired track, and it's great. Jolly starts in on a pounding drumbeat, and Frase slides in with a smooth note progression, as Russell's bass keeps your heart pumping. This song actually makes perfect use of the Pixies' loud-quiet-loud dynamic, and just as quiet as they get during the verse, that's how loud these guys are during the chorus, and it's great. Because of the way Russell's voice moves with the music, it almost sounds like a country-inspired song, but as soon as you here Frase's guitar, and Jolly's drums, you know that can't possibly be true. Yet I think in my heart, this song would appeal to the Clapton fan as well as the Willie Nelson fan, and that's a huge accomplishment, considering the fact that those two fans usually hate each other lol. Frase takes us home on a sweet riff that you can really sink your teeth into, and that's the end, my beautiful friend.
Now I enjoyed the other songs on the record very much. "Beggers Can't Be Choosers" changed up the sound a little. It was fresh, different, and seemed to flow with the rest of the record really well. "Rocking Chair," too, was a slower number, but the guitar was still solid, and it was something I'd listen to on a lazy Sunday by the pool. Really easy, really great.
The last jewel, however, that I listened to, that just completely blew me away, was "White Girl." Russell's bass is the first one in, followed by Jolly's basedrum, and then....FUCK! Frase shoots us up with a sick guitar riff. And it just rips my ears off my head, and uses the as frisbees. Fan-fucking-tastic! Even the palm-mutes are well done. But when we get to the guitar solo, I'm in music heaven. This is just as good as anything Clapton has done. Not to put down the great Clapton. Not at all. This is just a testament to how freaking awesome these guys are. I'm telling you, if you like anything blues-rock, or classic rock, and you're looking for a new group to sink your teeth into, here they are, The Tree Streets. Sink in.

Sounds Like: Eric Clapton, Cream, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin

Key Tracks from Right to Stand: "Caught Lookin'," "White Girl," "Never Enough"

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