Sunday, November 8, 2009

As I Go Marching with Irreverents

Man, between the college applications that are totally kicking my ass and the fact that I'm hungry as hell right now, it's been a hard night, lol. Luckily, I've found a couple of hard rockers that soothe the pain.
They come from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and they are ready to split your insides with high voltage rock and incredible melodies. Made up of Steve Watts (lead vocals and guitar), Levi James (bass and vocals), and Brian BADD (drums and percussion), Irreverents are a force to be reckoned with.
From the very first chords of "Stopping Traffic," Irreverents delivers a punch to your gut that just knocks the air out of you. At just over 4:00 long, "Stopping Traffic" leads in on a great guitar riff from Watts and gut-busting beat from BADD. Then the crash comes, and James chimes in with a hardcore bass line, and Watts's guitar riffing might only be outdone by the incredible melody of his voice against the music, and the intelligent, lucid lyrics he slings against the backbeat. James's bass just drives me wild, and with BADD on the drums, I'm a happy camper in Hardrockville. I don't really know who I could compare these guys to. Van Halen? Anvil? No freakin' idea. That's how unique this sound is. My pulse keeps racing all the way through the incredible drum roll by BADD, and the screeching guitar solo by Watts. Just a fucking amazing song. I am totally satiated after listening to just this one track.
Then for the next track, James leads in on a solid bass line, and BADD and Watts soon follow, and "Wet Cigarettes" begins. With a a tune that I can really only describe as kinky, I'm shot through an amazing sing-along chorus, and with James's bass in this one, I give it five stars. This one is definitely one of James's finest hours. But that's not to sleight the other guys. BADD's drumming is tight, and Watts's guitar, again, just makes metal magic. With top-notch lyrics and vocals, this is definitely a single for radio.
The last track seems to move a little away from the straight-laced metal sound, with an interesting guitar intro and unorthodox drumming. "As We Go Marching" is definitely the oddball track on the record, but that is not to be mixed with it being a bad track. This one stands out, and that's great. These guys prove they can do more then just copy others. Between this, and the other two tracks, I can see that they have their own sound, and I love it. The stop-start drumming and the pulse-squeezing bass provide a great stage for Watts's killer guitar solo, and hardcore vocals. This track is different, but everything about it is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.

Sounds Like: Van Halen, Anvil, Armored Saint

Key Tracks from For a Tranquil Life: "Stopping Traffic," "Wet Cigarettes," "As We Go Marching"

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  1. That was a rad review man, thanks a lot! hopefully we can continue to impress you with our new music. check out my personal myspace. it's got congs from other bands I've played with. peace

    -Brian BADD


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