Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And We'll Abandin All Hope

Sorry it's been a few days since my last post guys. It was a hard weekend. But never mind that now. I'm posting today to talk about a sick ska-punk/pop-punk band out of Canada.
Coming from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Abandin All Hope are a ska-punk four-piece with a hardcore sound and melodies that will make your ears bleed happiness. Comprising members Tyler Goudreau (vocals and guitar), Joey Delusong (guitar and vocals), Darren Ehler (bass and vocals), and Steve Crowe (drums), Abandin All Hope's album Victims of a Mockery was released at the beginning of last year, but is so amazing still, chock-full of ska beats and pop-punk melodies that blend hardcore and ska-punk influences seemlessly, that I had to write about it.
The first song I listen to from the album is "Lasso," a fast-paced track that begins with a hardcore guitar riff shared by Goudreau and Delusong. Soon Goudreau's voice is heard in a fierce sneer above the guitar track, and Ehler's bass lines crash in at the same time that Crowe starts to own the drums. The guitar in this song is brilliant. Every note works, planned perfectly. The drumming, also, is one of the highlights here. Crowe's chops are right where they need to be, with the intensity of a metal-head, but the precision of a progressive rocker. The song ends on Goudreau's roar mixing with his smoother vocals. Very different. Very original.
Then it's on to "Liars and Deceivers." This track is much more ska-influenced than the first, and it works brilliantly. Ehler's bass here can be heard in a very Nirvana-like fashion while Goudreau's vocals scream (pardon the pun) Less Than Jake, and Delusong's guitar clearly bleeds Sublime influences. Crowe's drumming here reminds me of LP's from Yellowcard. All around a great track that you just have to hear to understand.
"Pack All Your Shit" begins with an interesting guitar riff that seems metal-influenced to me, but soon we move away from metal and right to a pop-punk, Sum 41 sound with Goudreau's vocals fitting perfectly, while Crowe and Ehler are tightly locked and at the top of their game. Delusong, here, occupies himself with keeping the song moving with clean riffs and well spaced palm-mutes. Not a long song, or one with any sort of deep meaning. But still a great, fist-pumping song to get your blood moving.
The last track I treat myself to is "The One." Right from the beginning, Goudreau's vocals are melodic and strong. The other guys provide a great back for this. Next to Goudreau's guitar, Delusong lays down another pop-punk-influenced progression, while Ehler's bass is hard-notched in the background, and Crowe is going Keith Moon all over the drums. I like how the song slows down a little towards the middle, then picks up, and just shoots you right to the end. A great track that would be the perfect ending song for any set-list.

Sounds Like: Sublime, Less Than Jake, Sum 41, Amber Pacific

Key Tracks from Victims of a Mockery: "Lasso," "Liars and Deceivers," "The One," "Pack All Your Shit"

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