Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Night Long with Sunny Got Money

I've already done two posts today, but I guess it's just one of those goldmine days. I seriously needed to relax after having my ass chewed out by my college applications, and I needed some music that would put my mind at ease. These guys were recommended to me last night by a new friend, and an avid reader of my blog, and when I checked them out just a little while ago, I was shocked. I thought something this chilled out had to have a catch; either you have to listen to it a number of times for it to sound good, or you have to be high to really get it. Not with these guys. From the very first listen, I was hooked, and I'm not high at all.
Out of Miami, Florida, U.S.A., I give you Sunny Got Money, a smooth new reggae-rock group. This trio know their sound, and have fun experimenting with it, because they don't sound like anyone else in the genre. Now many people would shout Sublime once they heard them, and although I am a Sublime fan, these guys have their own unique take on the ska-punk/reggae-rock sound. Comprising Dave Sterling (guitar and vocals), Steven "Steve-O" Allen (bass and vocals), and Becca Sterling (drums and vocals), Sunny Got Money will spin you upsidedown-insideout (sorry Ricky Martin) with their slick new sound.
Beginning with the title track of their debut album All Night Long, I listen to a few songs, and I gotta say, I was hooked from track one. The track starts with a nice guitar riff intro by Dave, but quickly picks up into a chilled-out beat with Becca's smooth drum roll in. Steve-O keeps a nice motion with rhythmic notes on his bass. Something particularly great about this track is Becca's and Dave's co-mingling vocals. It's like a Sublime-esque sound with a vocal from each gender. And then later on in the song you can hear Steve-O lending his voice after a great interlude which rides on Dave's guitar riffing and Steve-O's bass lines.
Track two on my set-list is "Venemous," also clearly a drug-oriented song, but seemingly better for it lol. I personally love Dave's pick-slide in in the beginning of the song, and Becca's stop-start rhythm on the drums drives me nuts. But if I were to pick out something that just drives me into the stratosphere, it would have to be Dave's clearly metal-inspired guitar solo, building on the foundation set for him by Steve-O's pumping bass, and Becca's perfectly timed drums. Also, on this one as well, I love the male-female co-lead vocals.
Then it's on to "Sexy Games," also from the All Night Long. Here, I particularly love the way Dave's guitar melds with Becca's drumming. It seems minimalist in nature, almost Meg White-like, but the fact that she's not killing them like Keith Moon or John Bonham would just serves to further the chillaxed sound of the song. Definitely a song I'd love te hear by the pool on a hot summer day. It grooves, it relaxes, and I love it.
Now, although I'd love to sit here and spew about every track from the album that I listened to, like "Tonight" and "Pressure to Be Beautiful," I feel like it would serve you guys better to talk about a couple new tracks they've put up on their site. So the last track I'll review here is "Pakalolo," an as-of-yet unreleased track, but certainly one which will play a major role on their next album. Starting with a short recording about "menaces," SGM quickly move to a soft reggae sound, with Dave getting creative on his fret-work, and Steve-O keeping a good beat as Becca goes to town on the toms. Love the guitar solo in this one. Just something sweet you can sink your teethe into. Fantastic.

Sounds Like: Sublime, Less Than Jake, Mustard Plug, Bob Marley

Key Tracks from All Night Long and currently unreleased (respectively): "All Night Long," "Venemous," "Sexy Games," "Pakalolo"

Check out Sunny Got Money more at: http://www.myspace.com/sunnygotmoney

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  1. Wow I absolutely LOVE this band? Wherever did you find such a talented group? Invincible is my JAM


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