Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Is Human Shame??

I came across these guys while surfing music from other countries. Rising from Toulouse, France, Human Shame are a mix of groups like Pink Floyd, The Cure, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and so many other off-the-wall experimental groups that the only way I can possibly describe their sound is as "mental alternative;" menternative.
Comprising Artess (synths and vocals), Sarg (guitar), Nemo (guitar), and Sha (drums, synths and programming), Human Shame is a not-so-subtle smack to the senses with their weird sound. Weird is definitely the right word, but that doesn't mean bad. These guys just march to the beat of a different synth, and it just works well. In fact, during some of the tracks I had chills running up my spine because it sounds eerily similar to something Marilyn Manson might write.
The first track I listen to is "The Runner," a synth-inspired song with a trance-like, industrial feel to it. For those of you who like anything trance, industrial, house, or ambient, this is a great track to start with. However, I warn you, you must also have a liking for the gothic sounds, because this is not a happy sounding song. And I love it. It's hideously dark like Marilyn Manson or HIM, yet as ambient as Pink Floyd or NIN.
Three minutes later I move on to "Human Shame," the title track of the groups album. Starting with a synth-like intro, the guys move into distorted guitar-driven chorus-ish thing. In fact, the way the guitar distorts reminds me a little of the way Mudhoney sounds, or even Malfunkshun, so in essence, I guess it sounds like Marilyn Manson married to Pink Floyd, with Malfunkshun as their step-child.
The third track, "New War," reminds me most of an NIN song, because listening to this, I definitely think this is something Trent Reznor might write. It's just creepy as hell, and that's why I love it. Sometimes music should be just vague enough to creep you out and make you look over your shoulder at night. Now that I think about it, this would definitely be a great track for like a horror movie theme song. Ambient, trance-like, perfect. Love it. 

Sounds Like: Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, The Cure, Malfunkshun, Pink Floyd

Key Tracks from Human Shame: "The Runner," "Human Shame," "New War," "Eat the Liar"

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