Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dies Mali...Cursed Days

Out of Chicago I present to you Gothic rock's answer to Fall Out Boy and pop-punk. Dies Mali are an alternative, gothic-metal band that will have you spilling your guts in cult ceremonies before you know it. Now that sounds very bad, I admit, until you listen to these guys, and realize that they're not trying to convert you religiously, they're just going to convert you musically. If you've never listened to a Gothic-rock group before, these guys will be your first, and trust me, you could do way worse.
Composed of Zoran (lead vocals and synths), Bane (guitar and vocals), S.L.A.V.E. (bass), and Mark (drums), Dies Mali cut the veins of the traditional 3 minute rock song and make it bleed with new creativity and emotion. Holloween's fast approaching, and there is no better group to decorate the sounds of your haunted house with than these guys. Seriously, I don't know whether to band my head sing along in the demonic choruses or go hide in my closet. 
The first song I listen to from their album Mourning Portraits, is "Hocus Pocus." An incredible mix of traditional hard rock and creepy synth, this song has me freaking out and loving every part of it. It starts with a massive drum beat by Mark, and a heart-choking bass line by S.L.A.V.E., then falls victim to Bane's wall of monstrous guitar riffs, and Zoran's creeped out synths and hypnotic vocals. If Holloween had a soundtrack, this would be track one. Fucking amazing song. Like the chorus of this bombastic demonic tune, I feel so paralyzed I couldn't turn this off if I wanted to. It's a good thing I don't want to. 
After the sick pick-slides at the end of "Hocus Pocus," I'm launched on Bane's sick guitar riffs, Mark's gut-wrenching base-drum beats, and S.L.A.V.E.'s pulse-pounding bass chords into "Tear Down." What else can I say about this tune other than Zoran's synths are freaky, and his vocals just hypnotize me. In fact, when I listen to what he's saying, it's actually one of the best lyrically written songs I've heard in a while. With a bombastic chorus that you can punch your fist to, this is one song to play at any sort of protest rally. I can't even get past how sick S.L.A.V.E.'s bass lines on this one are. Cliff Burton, Mike Dirnt, Lemmy, you guys better watch out, this guy is out for some recognition he clearly deserves.
The last song I listen to is the longer "Control Freak," which starts out on a creepy synth laid down by Zoran, then launches into a Marilyn Manson-like guitar riff by Bane. Manson you better show these guys the respect they deserve, or they're likely to put you out of a job. What else can I say about this track other than that it's got the anthemic, anger-filled chorus, the magnetic bass pull, the spleen-busting drums, the mangled guitar riffs Manson would be jealous of, and the synths and freaky vocals that would make Gary Numan shiver. 
If you haven't heard these guys, first I pity you, and second I order you to listen to them. It'll be the best order you've ever taken.

Sounds Like: Marilyn Manson, AFI, HIM

Key Tracks from Mourning Portraits: "Tear Down," "Hocus Pocus," "Control Freak"

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