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I came across this group a couple weeks ago, when they were working under the name The Champagne Charade. Now they're Marisette, and they have something to say.
Now because they have a female lead vocalist, so many people, music critics especially, would just be itching to compare them to already known acts; Evanescence, Paramore, Flyleaf, and on and on. But listening to these guys (and girl), the thing that occurs to me is that they're not like these other groups. They have their own style, their own sound, and their own groove.
Composed of Saetia (lead vocals), Rob (guitar), JD (guitar), Nick (bass), and Paulie (drums), Marisetta features strong female vocals over layered guitar and rolling drums to produce a very hard-rock, yet not too overpowering sound.
The first song I listen to is "Chasing Down the Sunset," (in fact this was the song that kindled my interest in them a few weeks ago). Starting with a crisp guitar riff that crunches you, Seatia slides in on smooth vocals amid a sing-along chorus and a head-banging bass line. One of my particular favorite aspects of this song is the sick mini guitar solo right after the first chorus. So many groups use a "proven" format of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, chorus, chorus, and that gets so boring. But these guys know that it's a crock of shit to write every song like that and shake it up a bit. Also the sky-reaching vocals during the interlude don't hurt either.
Their self-titled debut continues with "Death Walks at Midnight," a metal-inspired (or so it seems) song that screams '80s in the first 30 seconds. That just makes me happier though, seeing as I'm a big metal fan, and commend current groups for using the great '80s' sound without wearing it out. Seatia adopts a new style of vocal on this one, opting for a darker, almost more ominous tone, as Rob and JD go to town slinging '80s guitar riffs and licks. Also, around 3:04 is a sort of intermission I'd expect out of a Metallica song, and the guitar solo that follows just leaves me wanting more.
"Lipstick Scars," also, opens with a sweet riff that you can sink your teeth into. One of those songs that showcases Paulie's fantastic talent on the drumkit and Nick's rhythmic bass plucking. Above it all is Seatia's voice, carried by Rob and JD's hard-rock influenced fretwork. When the solo comes in on this one, I just sit back and lose myself in it, drooling a little lol.
The last track I'll review (because I don't want to spoil it anymore than I already have) is "Tainted Blood," a sick metal-influenced track that makes use of the metal guitar solo and full-band chants early in the song: about 6 seconds in. This is just one of those songs I want to bang my head to, and even if I didn't, I don't think there's anyway I could stop.
There are so few times when you just know someone is going to be huge, but this is one of those times. These guys are incredible, and I challenge anyone to listen to them and argue differently.

Sounds Like: Lita Ford, Paramore, Evanescence

Key Tracks from Marisette: "Chasing Down the Sunset," Death Walks at Midnight," "Lipstick Scars," "Tainted Blood"

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