Monday, October 19, 2009

A Beautiful View of Homebrewe

It's early Monday morning, I'm trying to get over a cold, and my ears are bleeding with happiness from the new group I've discovered. Like seeing the Red Sea part would, listening to this group is giving me chills up my spine because they just can't, and won't, be contained.
Out of Perth, Australia comes Homebrewe, an alternative-rock band that is so versatile, I don't know whether to call them metal, alternative, punk, or just rock. Comprising Kohen Grogan (lead vocals and guitar), Casey Grogan (lead guitar and vocals), Dylan Grogan (bass), and Rory Keys (drums), Homebrewe just take rock music as a whole and make an example of it.
The first two tracks are from their new album, My Own Nemesis, and just fucking rock. "DEP" hits you like a load of bricks upside the head. Riding on a sick, Motorhead-like guitar riff, the song just hits the mark it's aiming for. The guitar and drums would really have been enough to make this a great song, frankly, but Kohen Grogan's banshee-like wails are too much to ignore. They just rip this song off the ground and fling it in the air with such force, it's gone in seconds. And along with Casey Grogan's slick guitar riffing during the solo, you can hear Dylan Grogan keeping time rhythmically on his bass.
But the band switch attack strategies on the next song, "Miss You," opting for a softer side with a hard edge to make their album shine with variety. In fact, the opening guitar notes remind me of Creed's "Higher," but frankly, I like the vocals on the chorus more than I do on "Higher," and that's saying something, because I'm a huge fan of that Creed album, Human Clay. This song is just a must-hear. One of those that's so ridiculously incredible, I could see it being used in a movie, apart from the numerous, Degrassi-like TV series that would pick up on it. Seriously, if you're looking for a song to play in the background of a movie-turning on-screen kiss, here it is.
The comes "Beautiful View," off their last EP, You Will See..., and it just fucking rocks! The double-timed, marching drum beat Keys lays down just has your head going up and down of its own volition. The bass, too, just is a powerful punch to the gut, like the first time I heard The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army." Here, Kohen Grogan adopts a darker, creepier vocal style, almost like Mudhoney, but what really shines is his transformation in the high-pitched, Chris Cornell-type banshee which just screams Soundgarden to me.
So there you have it. From Motorhead to Creed to Soundgarden, and that's in just three songs out of these guys' setlist. They clearly have the talent to be as big as Soundgarden, and as marketable as Creed, so why aren't they as big as I know they can be? Anyone?

Sounds Like: Creed, Soundgarden, Motorhead, Mad Season

Key Tracks from My Own Nemesis, and You Will See... (respectively): "DEP," "Miss You," "Best Thing," "Beautiful View"


  1. I just checked these guys out... you're right. They FUCKING ROCK!! Thanks for finding them and passing them on!

    Just ordered their new album. Cant wait to get it :)


  2. Wow man they are so good! I love their sound!
    I just got two albums!

    They are on iTunes now too!


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