Monday, October 5, 2009

Radioactive Fusion

It's with great pleasure that I introduce this radioactive alternative-metal band. Fusion hale from Paris, France, whereupon plugging into their speakers, they douse the audience with a chemically intensive dose of alternative rock. Well, I haven't seen them, but I would like to, and I'm definitely sure that that's what happens.
Made up of Clement (vocals, guitar and piano), Rafael (guitar), Marc (bass), and Alex (drums), Fusion produces a fantastic progressive sound that would make Pink Floyd happy while still providing a testament to their alternative and metal heroes, Green Day, Metallica, AC/DC and Queen. 
The first track I listen to off their EP Replacing the Sun is the title track. Interestingly enough this track sounds more indie-rock than progressive, but still offers a Pink Floyd-ish guitar riff along with a rhythmic bass line and snare/high-hats drum beat. Clement's vocals of this one just soar above the guitars and drums. The beginning guitar riffing is a little choppy, but it seems for the benefit of the song, adding to the radioactive nature of the song. The guitar solo that shoots from the speakers at about 2:47 has a Scorpions style to it, though of a more darker nature. Love it though. It's like Pink Floyd meets Scorpions, with the dark vocal melodies of HIM and Metallica. 
Then I move on to "Universal Love," which starts with a mystic guitar riff, like something I'd here off a Sgt. Pepper's-inspired album. The bass in this song is particularly powerful, just encasing you during the verse, as it seems the only instrument being used (aside from the snare beats, and the sparse, Pixie-like guitar notes behind it). This song perfectly exemplifies the quiet-loud dynamic pioneered by Pixies and made popular by Nirvana. It's so sparse and quiet during the verse, I feel like I could almost tear the song apart, if that makes any sense. But once that chorus comes it, all hell seems to break lose. 
Though the two tracks I listen to before it are also good ("The Bastard" and "Life Me Higher" (with great piano towards the end of the latter)), the last song I listen to from the EP, "Muse," just strikes a deeper tone. It's slow, surreal nature just scream Pink Floyd, but what's interesting is the abrupt change in tempo about two minutes in which seems reminiscent of a Rush song. It is a haunting number, yet almost romantic in a way, which just adds to the pleasure I take from listening to it. Also, the dual lead vocals, and the Metallica-like guitar solo (layered above the Keith Moon-like drums and Cliff Burton bass style) just make "Muse" one of the must-hear tracks from the EP. How appropriate that this is the last track on the EP. People say finish strong, and with this song, there is no way that Fusion finished anyway but.

Sounds Like: Pink Floyd, HIM, Metallica, Scorpions

Key Tracks from Replacing the Sun: "Replacing the Sun," "Universal Love," "Muse," "Lift Me Higher"

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