Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going Back to Yesterday with Kay.K.BayZ

Sorry it's been a few days since I found you guys a new band guys, stupid SAT's. Anyway, whatever, that test is history. But I give you now, an artist that most certainly isn't. A guy that will take Australia by storm, and the rest of the world after that.
Out of Melbourne, Australia I give you Kay.K.BayZ, a sick solo artist, who can make the guitar scream, the synths shriek, and do it all simultaneously with his voice soaring overhead. I don't know what it is about this guy, but there's something that just makes it impossible to turn off his music, even if I wanted to.
The first sick track I listen to from Make Me Wanna Scream is "Back to Yesterday," a track that will take over your mind, from an album that's ready to take over the world. Maybe it's K's multi-layering of his genres that makes his songs, and this one in particular, incredible, or maybe not, I really don't know. All I know is the rock, on top of hard-rock, on top of synth-rock, on top of R&B, on top of pop sound of this track is just freakin' sexy. I swear there's no other word for it. Prince, eat your purple heart out. Just when I think I have this song pegged for a hard-rock, pop track, the synths slide in, and smooth out the hard grooves, and immediately fall into a face-melting guitar solo.
Then we're done, and on to "Get It Right On," a track that sounds extremely different from "Back to Yesterday." This is just one of those incredible songs that has everything: the killer guitar riff, the head-bopping drumbeat, the smooth vocals, and the sweet anthemic chorus, modified nicely with the cold synths. The double-tracked vocals don't hurt either. So many times solo artists screw up their own songs by putting too may double-tracks on them, but here, it doesn't sound like twelve of the same guy singing, it's like one guy with a killer voice, and a whole backup vocalist lineup with killer voices too. Love the guitar solo too. This is definitely one for the club playlist. 
And almost as soon as it started it's finished, and I'm grooved into the R&B-influenced "Keep the Fight." Really this is something Seal would write, but it doesn't bother me so much right now because, it's got the smooth vocals of Savage Garden, and the slick guitar of Scorpions and the keyboards of Shiny Toy Guns. What would it sound like if R&B married Rock and gave birth to Techno-Alternative? Like this.
The last song I have the privilege of hear is "Take Your Time." This one just rocks. It's got the beat, it's got the slick acoustic guitar, and the sweet electric riffs you can just sink your teeth into. And K's voice on this one, along with the shrewd guitar and keyboard riffs, make this a must-hear. I swear, I'm normally of the opinion that many solo artists nowadays don't know how to make cool music anymore (and could you blame me with Brittany Spears and such?), but Kay.K.BayZ has renewed my faith in the good old rock 'n' roll musician. Check this guy out, you'll be ahead of the curve. Or don't and just wait to see him at the Grammy's a year from now. Your choice. 

Sounds Like: Lenny Kravitz, Rob Thomas, Maroon 5

Key Tracks from Make Me Wanna Scream: "Back to Yesterday," Get It Right On," "Keep the Fight," "Take Your Time"

Check out Kay.K.BayZ more at: http://www.kaykbayz.com/ and http://www.unsigned.com/kaykbayz  

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