Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Go Periscope Up for the Cover of Rolling Stone!!

Today I've got some unbelievably exciting news for you all: Go Periscope, the electronic-rock duo from Seattle, WA premiered here a few months ago are in a contest to be the first unsigned band to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. Though I don't read Rolling Stone as often as others do, and though I sometimes find their writing style not to my taste, it is nevertheless undeniable that their influence if grand, and that any group who might get to be featured between the pages, let alone on the cover, could see significant success afterwards.
Go Periscope, who made waves with their song "Crush Me," enjoys the talents of vocalist and keyboardist Florin Merano and vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Joshua Frazier. Releasing their new song, "Boys Like, Girls Like" for purchase on iTunes just a weeks ago, Go Periscope are making sure that they are not swept underfoot and left behind. Yet "Crush Me" still has the same crisp and sexy vibe that it had when I first listened to it, and if GP do make it to the cover, it will be to the credit of this song.
Get it done GP! We all wanna see Go Periscope on the cover of Rolling Stone!    

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