Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diamond Eye to Open for Quiet Riot/Warrant/L.A. Guns Summer Tour in Australia

It's been a long road for the Diamond Eye guys. The heavy-metal foursome have been braving the Australia metal circuit for more than two years now. When I came upon Diamond Eye almost two years ago, they had a sound and determination that I knew would take them to new heights if the kept with it.
Now, two years later, after a an EP and a live DVD (soon to be reviewed here once I can get my hands on it), the DE guys have landed their biggest gig yet: an opening show for the legendary lineup of Quiet Riot, Warrant and L.A. Guns on their upcoming summer Metal Health Tour in Australia. Though Diamond Eye is only set to open for the Perth date of the tour (according to DE lead guitarist Greg Fawcett, "they wanted a local band for each show"), it will still prove to be their defining gig up until now.
The possibilities are endless for Diamond Eye if they play their hearts out; if they can manage to win over some of the metalheads that come out in droves to see the likes of Quiet Riot and L.A. Guns, then they'll soon be on the fast-track to a record deal in no time. And with the talent that they're harboring now, I see no reason why it would be any different of a case. Soon all the metalheads of Perth will know who these guys are, if they don't already.
In Fawcett's own words, "It's a great opportunity for us so we plan on really fucking nailing it!" What more is there left to say?  

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  1. Greg, Chase, and Will.. fucking well done.



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