Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homebrewe to Make U.S. Debut!

Homebrewe promo.
After months and months, Homebrewe, one of the dynamic alternative bands that helped launch the reputation of NewRockNews43, is coming to the U.S. I discovered Homebrewe in October of '09, and for over a year now I've been in contact with the alternative foursome from Perth, Australia. The same hardcore lineup of Kohen Grogan (lead vocals and guitar), Casey Grogan (lead guitar and vocals), Dylan Grogan (bass and vocals), and Rory keys (drums), that they were when I first heard them, Homebrewe's uniquely riveting sound hasn't waned one bit. Though it was songs like "DEP" and "Beautiful View" that drew me to Homebrewe in the first place, it was the alternative power-ballad "Miss You" that really found a voice in speaking to me. On talking to Kohen Grogan last year about the music video for "Miss You," I found out that the song is based on and dedicated to a friend of the band who was in a tragic accident. At that I let the subject drop, as it is never the place of any news source to exploit the personal lives of the band members for any sort of story, and that's not how I run NewRockNews43. But if anything could be said of "Miss You" and its music video, it's that for an unsigned band on a shoe-string budget, the video was top-notch and deserving of all kinds of praise.
Homebrewe's debut album, My Own Nemesis, was released on the backs of songs like "Best Thing" and "DEP," and the rest of us can rejoice because of it. "Best Thing" showcases Kohen Grogan's high-pitched shriek and the other Grogan brothers' guitar prowess. Keys' drumming is head-banging in style, and the four work together so well, I could swear they'd been together for upwards of ten years. Brimming with luxurious excess and attitude enough to make your bones break, My Own Nemesis is a triumphant first step forward for Homebrewe.
Now as Homebrewe prepare for their first U.S. tour, there must be static in the air. Drawing support for their send-off show in Perth from Australian up-and-comers Serial Killer Smile and The TN's, Homebrewe ready themselves for a four-week U.S. tour set to commence in Dallas, Texas on June 29th, 2011. Where they will be heading to after that I'm not sure yet, but you can all bet that I'll be finding out. Keep checking back here for more Homebrewe news, and make sure to go check these guys out when they come. If their debut album sounds like this, then I can't wait to see what kind of explosive live show they put on!        

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