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Lost and Living in Atlantis

I've been waiting for a few weeks now to have some time to devote to this article and this group. Sometimes listening to new music, the words just flow out and onto the page, painting for you guys a very real and interesting picture of who the artists are and what they do. Other times, however, it's a little more difficult to put my finger on just the right words to describe a new group or artist, and that's the obstacle I've been trying to overcome with this band for a few weeks now. Fortunately for these guys, and all of you guys out there though, the words seem to have finally come to me, and now I feel I can finally describe fully and accurately the talent with which these new NRN43 features approach their music.
Lost In Atlantis's debut album, Silent World
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Lost In Atlantis is a techno-rock foursome comprising Elisabetha 'Liz' Rosnowski (lead vocals and synths), Alex Eldridge (drums), and brothers Eric Pinedo (guitar) and Tim Pinedo (bass). As I start listening to LIA's Myspace page, it's clear that the musical dynamics at play here are worth mentioning. Some artists just have it, and when Lost In Atlantis commences with tracks like "Ready to Go" and "FireFireFire", it's like a whole symphonic rush of sound and attitude.
A mix of '80s new-wave and '00s alternative and garage-rock punch, Lost In Atlantis rips a sound from their instruments that's like a sonic display of light and love for my ears. Halfway in between the punk rush of Paramore and the synthesized bliss of Muse, Lost In Atlantis create a sound that is impossible to ignore. The group's debut album, Silent World, now on sale online, is a brilliant flash of genius reveling in pop-sensibility and alternative edge. Even great songs like "Whisper" and "Unwind" are no match for the most powerful songs on the album. "Alien" is as lovely in its subtle nature as it is opaque. A blurry vision of gray hope and love, "Alien" is a clear triumph for LIA. Rosnowski's vocals are soft; at home in the cradle of Eric Pinedo's guitar chords as Tim Pinedo's bass lines soothe the rhythm softly above the kick of Eldridge's drums. A pseudo-sonic love-letter, "Alien" is pushed higher by the building bridge that drives full-force right into the last minute of the song. If LIA did everything wrong with every other song on this 15-track breakout record, "Alien" would surely be their saving grace.
As "Alien" ends in a creepy cradle of keys, LIA blasts forward with "Catastrophic Compromise," a Paramore-inspired track that throws back to Hayley Williams' vocals on RIOT! and All We Know Is Falling. Rosnowski's pipes are just choice here, and as they melt over the pop-punk rhythms of Tim Pinedo's bass thumping over Eldridge's toms and high-hats, "Catastrophic Compromise" is an LIA trophy hands down. Not overly complicated, but still a great song to listen to, "Catastrophic Compromise" is one of the tracks that makes Silent World a fun album to listen to. In an era when artists think that every song has to have some deep political meaning, it's nice to just have a song that's ear-candy.
But even among the four and five-star tracks that pervade Silent World, one stands out as LIA's clear breakout song. "Tek No" is LIA's greatest work to date. I can't quite put my finger on it, but for one reason or another, this song just draws me in to it in ways the other songs hadn't. To ask what's right with this song is simply too difficult a question to answer. Where to begin? The beginning of the song is a page right out of the ELO playbook: Eric Pinedo's guitar leads right into a blasting rhythm on Tim Pinedo's bass and Eldridge's drums before they all drain out and Rosnowski's keys serenade me in a lullaby of romantic bliss. A cross between Paramore's vocals and Muse's synth-driven rock, "Tek No" brings to mind a bright tapestry of sounds and emotions. Rosnowski's vocals are smooth and firm, and as this romantcore track blasts into the stratosphere, I'm engaged in it like this song holds the key to some mysterious cosmic message I can only hope to hear. Definitely my pick to LIA's lead-off single, "Tek No" is a masterful piece of cosmic proportions. 
While we here on the east coast seem to not be hearing as much about them, I'd bet anything that Lost In Atlantis are making waves over on the west coast like there's no tomorrow. With a sound like this, it must be beyond impossible for anyone to ignore this group. Dynamically savvy and clearly technically talented, Lost In Atlantis are the 2010s' answer to the question of whether or not true techno-rock is still alive. And it is, truly alive and kicking. If you're looking for the next big thing to come out of the south-western U.S., take a peek, because Lost In Atlantis are goin' up fast, and there seems to be nothing this side of the galaxy that's gonna stop them.    

Sounds Like: Muse, Paramore, Smashing Pumpkins, VersaEmerge

Key Tracks from Silent World: "Tek No," "Alien," "Catastrophic Compromise," "Ready to Go," "Disaster"

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