Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Are! The New Year

It's been about a month since I gave you guys some fresh blood, and I thank all you guys out there for being patient with me. I was so unbelievably burned out and needed to recharge so badly, so I've just been taking the last few weeks to recoup and look for some new bands for you guys. But like I promised before, I'm sure that this new crop of groups will have been well worth the wait. I have about ten or so new groups, all different, all amazing, that I want to introduce at the forefront of this new wave of New Rock News 43, and I'm gonna start the swell with these guys.
We Are! The New Year is a five-piece pop-punk band out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, and with a sound like this, I'd bet anything that these guys will be on Warped Tour next year, most definitely. Composed in the ever pop-punkish sense of Chad Childers (lead vocals), DJ McAuley (guitar and vocals), Pat Shively (guitar and vocals), Marc Kubushefki (bass), and Clay Stauffer (drums), We Are! The New Year blast out a sound that's closer to All Time Low and We the Kings than I've heard in a very long time. In a world where pop-punk is a term that can be applied to bands with a sound like Sum 41 or Forever the Sickest Kids, there are so many groups that just seem to copy the sound of someone else, and call themselves a new pop-punk band. This, I'm happy to say, is not the case here. WA!TNY's rhythms are diving and filled with enough hooks to fill an entire album, and this is just from listening to a few of their songs.
I am immediately impressed by the sound of their track "Stuttering" from their release An Amazing Situation. From the first chords of the song, I am delivered a driving rhythm by the team of Kubushefki on bass and Stauffer on drums. One of the best things about this rhythm section is the way that Kubushefki's bass lines seem to take off in a different direction from Stauffer's drums at times, only to land back in time and sync, creating a chaotic yet altogether well structured song. Stauffer, meanwhile, impresses me with tricks all his own as his fills and rolls pulse the song to new heights. Shively and McAuley, too, deliver a hardcore performance, as they're able to balance brilliantly between commendable technique and hard-rock spontaneity. The stop-start chords they rip from their guitars are only furthered by the driving sing-along chorus which is completed with a perfect bow and card by Childers' high-pitched yet oh-so-catchy vocals. The great mini-solo, and xylophone tones thrown in by Stauffer just after the bridge don't hurt either. This is clearly a five-star track, and if the question would be could I see this song vamping up a crowd at a Warped Tour show, the answer is most definitely yes.
If the musical career doesn't work out for these guys, they can certainly make a living coming up with odd, though albeit interesting names for songs. In a tradition that seemed to be perpetuated by Fall Out Boy, I embark on WA!TNY's second track, "Confessions of a Spider." A weird title? Perhaps, but the concept is something that intrigues me, and at the end of this track, I'm a little jealous I didn't come up with the idea myself. Childers is on top of his game and the world in this one, his voice blending in brilliant ways with the guitar notes and riffs of Shively and McAuley to create a shining tapestry of musical tact and melodic heart. If nothing else, this track will make you get up out of your seat and pump your hand in the air as Stauffer and Kubushefki pull the song through a pulse-heightening bridge and solo. A song with a great, original idea that's creatively written, I give this one two thumbs up easily.
As I'm about to close up shop on WA!TNY's Myspace page to come and write this article, I'm pulled back for one last song, and in my opinion, I hope this is the last track on their album, because it leaves you wanting more, and waiting longingly for their next release. "From Now Till Never" is simple in its structure, but that seems to be what makes it so great. Some songs do well because they're very complicated and boast a guitar of bass virtuoso like Clapton or Bruce, but others are great simply because their well-written and don't need that complex component to become a staple at live shows. I'm sure this song is one of those, because I know if I were going to see these guys live, this is one I'd definitely love to hear. With a driving rhythm and guitar chords that are crisp and clear, I am left at the end wanting more from these guys.
We Are! The New Year is most certainly the best way to make my comeback. These guys convey power and passion with no sign of stopping, and that is precisely the feeling I wanted to convey with New Rock News 43. Sometimes I need a break, and sometimes I feel disillusioned, but in the end I wake up, and after hearing bands like this one and the others I will soon reveal, I know I could never stop doing this. There is just too much talent out there, and it's just too much fun showing you guys new groups to rock out to.
I will be back soon with a new band for you guys, and until then it would certainly behoove you to check these guys out. We Are! The New Year promises to be a band that will soon grace the cover of Alternative Press, though I'm gunning to have them interview here first haha. Peace guys, new blood soon. It's great to be back!!

Sounds Like: All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, We the Kings, Fall Out Boy

Key Tracks from An Amazing Situation: "Stuttering," "Confessions of a Spider," "From Now Till Never"

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