Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seven Story Fall Poised for the Silver Screen

This is gonna be a short post, guys. I don't have a new band for you just yet, but I have exciting news anyway. Seven Story Fall, an amazing pop-punk band from here in Atlanta, and a New Rock News veteran group, just finished shooting their first ever music video today, and I WAS THERE!!! I can honestly say that these guys made an awesome video, and aside from looking for my face in the front row of the crowd haha, just let yourselves give in to the amazing performance these guys put on for you.
SSF is now a four-piece, as former lead-vocalist Mike Hart is pursuing other opportunities (and for those of you who haven't checked out his Myspace page, he's got some really great stuff up on there). From here, bassist-backing vocalist Ryan McManus has assumed responsibilities of lead-vocalist and bassist, and his rhythms coupled with those thrown out by drummer Wesley Moore make for an incredible base for guitarists Justin Calalay and T.J. Routon. Just watching the way these guys flow in and out during a video shoot shows just how talented they are. Routon's and Calalay's guitar parts were as serrated and melodic as ever, and McManus's vocals and frontmanship made this simple video shoot feel like a real concert. Behind it all, it was just a pleasure to hear Wesley Moore driving the rhythms into these songs with the force and grace of any born-to-be rock drummer. Every beat is timed and calculated, and falls brilliantly with McManus's bass notes.
I'm not gonna say what track the video was for. That's not for me to reveal. But what I can say is that I saw the video in all its raw parts up close and personal, and I can't wait to see it put together. Directed by visionary Chris Grieder, who's directed videos for music giants such as There For Tomorrow and Mute Math, this video is gonna be something special; I can tell. I can honestly say that from what I saw, Grieder's effort will yield an impressive video, and for the first single off a new album, this video is gonna rock.
Seven Story Fall will be releasing their new album this summer. Recorded with music wizard James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath, Dashboard Confessional), the new album, from what little snippets I heard today, promises to be an amazing collection of songs that will prove to be the must-hear track-listing for the summer. I can't wait until this video and album come out. And when they do, Seven Story Fall will be unstoppable.
Don't forget to look for me in the front row next to the huge speaker. I'm the one rockin' out to the incredible music. You can't miss me, ha!

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