Friday, January 22, 2010

Recent Activities

It's been over a week since I found a new group for you guys, and I apologize for that. In that time, I've completed four college applications that were nearing their deadlines and took care of some other personal matters. I also spent much time writing a couple songs for my own band, so it's been a really busy time for me. 
Though I always want to keep you guys informed, I don't want to fall to the level of writing articles just to fluff up my blog, because that does no justice for the artists, and it doesn't fully aid you all in finding the best music that I think is out there. So have no fear, I will be getting back down to work, and I will have some new, amazing groups for you soon. I promise they will be worth the wait. (By the way, for all of you who read and liked the article on Disco Curtis, I am very pleased to announce they were just signed to Myspace/Interscope Records, and were just featured in their native Dallas news. Great job guys.)
Meanwhile, I have also taken some time to set up two new blogs: Words On Fire and Riot Boyyy. The first showcases my forays into the world of creative essay writing. Some are comical and meant for laughter and amusement. Others, though, are meant for something deeper, so to find that, you'll just have to look as hard as you can. 
Riot Boyyy is a blog I have created to exhibit my poems. This will be a very broad-based poetry blog. Some of the poems are short, and some very lengthy. Covering a wide variety of subjects from love to nature, and death to depression, Riot Boyyy will be a rare glimpse through a window to my deepest thoughts. Poetry is where I turn when things get crazy, so if intensity is something that turns you off, I would not suggest reading this one. However, if you are always on the lookout for heart-felt pieces of writing, check it out, you may find a piece you like. (Also, there is a very particular reason for there being three y's in the word boy: see if you can figure out the allusion.)
Once again, I apologize for my absence, and promise things will be back to normal soon. Peace all.

Check out my blog Words On Fire here:

Check out my blog Riot Boyyy here:

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