Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the Perfect Plex

Hey all. It's been a couple weeks since I posted anything new. I do apologize for that, but a break was sorely needed, and I didn't want to burn myself out. After all, neither the artists nor you guys would benefit from boring and stale articles.
But I think it's safe to say that break time is over. I have for you today a fresh new band which mixes the stripped down chords of the Ramones with the folk-punk stylings of the Violent Femmes to produces a truly fantastic sound that you can sink your teeth into. Out of Cuba, New York, Perfect Plex is a rock trio consisting of Brady Doyle (vocals and guitar), Kip Doyle (bass and vocals), and Erik Freeman (drums). Though many groups have trouble making the power trio work (for lack of creative direction, or honestly for lack of pop sensibility), Perfect Plex proves here that three heads are definitely better than one, or more. Their 2009 demo consists of three tracks, and each one is a fresh smack in the face that redefines what garage rock can be next to punk and pop. 
Track one is "Salesman," a post-hardcore tune that blends Violent Femmes'-like pop tunes with Vines'-influenced guitar riffs and drumming techniques. It seems that the whole track is consumed by Freeman's drumming, as his Keith Moon style only brings the song to higher levels. It's intense, it's chaotic, and it's something that sets a brilliant stage for the Doyles' hardcorse-garage vocals. Brady Dolye's guitar riffs harken back to The Strokes and The White Stripes, and Kip Dolye's bass breathes with garage-rock intensity and punk grit. Both the Dolye's contribute hardcore, almost slurred vocals to the song, and it seems to move from garage-rock-punk to grunge-punk. This song is incredibly difficult to classify, but maybe that's the beauty in it. It's fresh, it's gritty, and it hits below the belt in a way only a few songs dare to do.
Next is "On a Horse." The beginning of this song reminds me so much of something Vampire Weekend might do. But don't worry, if you're really not into VW (and they are an acquired taste), then rest assured that Perfect Plex moves quickly away from any comparison, and into their own sphere of influence. Freeman's drums are start/stop, and among pounding bass lines from Kip Doyle, bring the song to new rhythmic highs. It's a song with a rhythm that could hold any listener, and what only drives it higher is Brady Doyle's guitar. With riffs that bleed indie influence and punk savy, Brady and Kip polish, or rather tarnish, off the track with indie-punk vocals. Almost unidentifiable through the melodic mayhem of the instrumentation, the Doyles' vocals contribute to the song something special, and it sounds like nothing else.
The last track on the demo is "At Midnight." I think this one is my favorite, and the more I listen to it, the more I think that with more certainty. Starting on a blistering bass line layed down by Kip Doyle, Freeman and Brady Doyle crash in together, and already the song is at 110 mph with no end in sight. Kip's bass keeps pounding my ear drums as Freeman graces me with cymbal crash and high-hat rhythms. Bringing it all to a head is Brady Doyle's guitar, churning out crushing chords that grind against my bones and skull. The vocals here, too, like on the two previous tracks, are hardcore-punk, and only serve to further the intensity of the song. A truly, truly fresh song on a brilliant demo, this is definitely one to listen to if you're looking for something new and gritty.

Sounds Like: Violent Femmes, The Vines, The Strokes, Pixies

Key Tracks from 2009 Demo: "At Midnight," ""Salesman," "On a Horse"

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