Thursday, January 7, 2010

And We'll Weather These Stars

It's been a few days since I updated you guys on some new music, and in that time, aside from taking a well-deserved break, I found you a new artist with some sick tunes that you absolutely have to hear. This is precisely why I take breaks: so I can find you the best of the best to listen to when I get back, and in that respect I've certainly succeeded this time, if I do say so myself.
Out of New York City, New York, comes WeatherStar, a rock trio comprising members Cameron Walker (lead vocals and guitar), Brandon Delp (bass, guitar, and keyboards), and Billy Toti (drums). Much like Owl City did just a few months ago, WeatherStar is building a large following very quickly. This could be due to Walker's smooth melodic vocals, or the clever, sing-along lyrics he pens for WeatherStar's catchy songs. Whatever it is, he better keep doing it, because only an idiot would say it wasn't working. 
WeatherStar's debut self-titled EP is available for full listen on Purevolume and Myspace, and even a few of the tracks are free for download. The only thing better than rocking out to a sweet song on the net is being able to take it with you when you leave. The first song I  listen to is one of these free downloads. "Wish You Would Stay" is a blasting track that starts with a bombastic drum crash amid pounding guitar riffs that tear me apart from second one. There's something about it though; it's so melodic and tuneful that I have no way of stopping myself from humming along. Things slow down a little during the verses, as WeatherStar depends on the Pixies' loud-quiet-loud dynamic, and as the chorus approaches, we take off in a blizzard of notes and melodic vocals. Everything about this song is perfect: there isn't one thing I would change. If you like anything pop-punk, emo-pop, powerpop, or just something that rocks hard and has a great melody, "Wish You Would Stay" is definitely the song to start with. Clearly the destined lead-single for WeatherStar's EP, it's a song that will take WeatherStar right to the top of the Billboard 200. I'd stake everything I know on it. Certainly the best first song I could listen to to get me hooked in and yearning for more.  
Though I enjoyed the two tracks preceding it, "Sick of Tonight" and "Weather or Not," I love the track "Planes, Oceans and Symphonies" in a different way. This song is slowed down, more low-key than "Wish You Would Stay," and for that it's all the more brilliant. WeatherStar proves it can be soft and emotional as much as hard-rockin' and riff-oriented. Walker's voice on this one is so smooth and polished, I'm jealous myself as a singer. I'd give my left thumb to be able to sing like that. A great song all around, and one I could definitely listen to all day, "Planes, Oceans and Symphonies" is easily a five-star track on the EP.
The last track I listen to from the EP however, is my second favorite, only behind "Wish You Would Stay." "Postcards" begins with a brilliant acoustic segment with piano accompaniment, and reminds me in so many ways of a Busted song. As a huge Busted fan, this is only to WeatherStar's benefit. Then the chorus blasts in, and with anthemic, heart-felt lyrics, "Postcards" is definitely the power-ballad on the EP, and it'll be no time before this is all over the pop stations all around the country. This song is easily as incredible as anything Matchbox  Twenty of Third Eye Blind. There is no way to make this song any better than it already is. Walker's vocals, polished and emotional, are only matched by his fantastic guitar riffs and acoustic strums. 
WeatherStar was one of Purevolume's best unsigned artists of 2009, and now hearing this EP, it's no wonder at all why. You'd have to be a braindead moron to think that this music couldn't go anywhere. Walker better pack his bag and prep himself, because once word really gets out about him, he'll be opening venues all over the country amid screaming fans that will fill the void with their vocals when he wants them to sing along. Walker and WeatherStar are on their way up, and nothing short of a full-stage apocalypse is going to stop them. And maybe not even that would be enough to do it.

Sounds Like: Busted, Owl City, All Time Low, Mayday Parade

Key Tracks from WeatherStar: "Wish You Would Stay," "Postcards," "Planes, Oceans and Symphonies," "Sick of Tonight"


  1. all those songs were written BEFORE they kicked matthew livigni and jesse out out of the band. i saw them live at east school of rock and they were amazing, but cameron came off as very snobby and rockstarish. matthew was so sweet and down to earth and gave amazing hugs.
    i don't expect anything from the three they have left, because half of the band is gone. the weatherstar that wrote those songs is dead.

    there's a link to matthew's solo songs.

  3. hannabells, i do respect your right to have your opinion, but there is no bad-mouthing on my blog. i won't remove your comment, but this is a warning. i set up this blog for solely positive statements. i will check out this guy matthew, but i do still expect respect from you and everyone for the fact that there may have been creative differences in the band.

  4. Actually, I wrote all the songs featured on our myspace and our upcoming EP before Matt and Jesse were playing with me as my live band. I tracked all of the music in the studio with Greg. Currently I am writing with the two new members who I have officially added to the line up. They are great friends and I've known Billy for years.

    - Cam

    PS Matt and Jesse are awesome musicians and great friends but were into different music.


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