Saturday, January 2, 2010

Electrically Dolled Up

So my NYU application is finally done and turned in, and to celebrate I went out and found you all a sick new group. There's no other way to refer to them, and once you hear the songs, your heart will stop and start along with every chord.
An electro-pop sensation out of London, England, the Electric Dolls are an incredible four-piece with a vengeance. The complete antithesis of a solely pop group like the Pussycat Dolls, the Electric Dolls create a furious storm of melody and funk with the traditional four-piece sound, and it's a sound I've already become addicted to. Composed of Miss Lynsey, aka Red Doll (lead vocals), Layla Doll (guitar), Alice Doll (bass), and Lyndsay Doll (drums), the Electric Dolls are making a name for themselves on the streets of Britain, and I hope they hop the pond soon because I'd love to see these girls in concert. A fantastic electro-pop act that could give the Spice Girls a run for their money, once the Electric Dolls get going, there's no stopping them. 
The first song I listen to from their playlist is "Love Me Long Time." Starting out with a traditional Japanese theme tune, soon the hair is already burned off the back of my neck as Layla Doll shreds in on what can only be described as a metal riff. Then Alice Doll and Lyndsay Doll lock tightly in a bass-drum combo that's killing my guts and I'm loving it. As Layla Doll continues to stake my heart with riffs that Dio and Sabbath would be proud of, Red Doll's sultry vocals flow through my ears, and in an instant I'm an Electric Dolls addict. As we reach the bridge, and Red Doll's vocal are forced through a voice synthesizer in the way Gary Numan's would be, it's clear that this is an addiction that I won't be able to kick. Alice Doll's bass lines have my head banging in the traditional metal fashion, and Lyndsay Doll's drumming is nothing short of hard-rock.
The second song I listen to is "Supercute," and while I love the song for it's rhythmic beats, what really stand out are Red Doll's vocals and Lyndsay Doll's drumming. Apart from clever lyrics that border on the line of sexy, "Supercute" delivers an interesting string section with Layla Doll's talents. Red Doll's vocals are more pop here than hard-rock, and it just works so well for the song. Meanwhile, Alice Doll's bass is the backbone of the whole song, coupled with Lyndsay Doll's slick drumming. A short song, "Supercute" is a great pop song that will definitely have you pole-dancing along.
Though I enjoyed "Supercute," the next track, "Love," is a track that knocks me back on my heals. A song with a strong melody section, Red Doll's sexy vocals float on top of Layla Doll's guitar chords and notes, blending sexy sultry breaths with sensual guitar riffs. Under, the stages of the song on which Red and Layla reside, Lyndsay Doll's drums are pounding away in the best way they could be, as Alice Doll's bass lines blow my ear drums out with rhythmic melody. Aside from a dynamite, sing-along chorus, and a Big Band feel towards the beginning of the song, the track takes a left hand turn at nowhere halfway through when it completely switches beat and melody to a rap-inspired song. A brilliant concept, well executed and unexpected, "Love" is all the much better for it. 
The last song I listen to is "Plastic Girl," starts on a pop-rap note, and continues to an R&B style sound. Showcasing their versatility, the Electric Dolls make sure you know they can be rap and R&B as well as electro-pop and hard-rock. A great song for the dance floor, this one is great for those of you out there who love a great stripping song. Filled with suggestive, brilliant vocals and lyrics, "Plastic Girl" is a high point for both Alice Doll and Lyndsay Doll as they lock tightly in their rhythm section. Meanwhile, just a step away Layla Doll has pulled R&B and pop sounds from her guitar, as Red Doll's vocals stream me away to pop heaven. A great song all around, "Plastic Girl" was the best last song I could listen to. It's blunt, it's sexy, and it's something that will have you jumping in no time. 
The bottom line for these girls is that they can handle any kind of music. From hard-rock to electro-pop and rap-R&B, the Electric Dolls blow my mind in ways that Lady GaGa has failed to. Do I think they deserve a No. 1 album? Fuck yes. Do I think they'll get there? No doubt. With Red Doll's rap-electro-pop vocals and Layla Doll's sick riffing rocking on top of Alice Doll's pumping bass and Lyndsay Doll's hard-rock drumming, these girls make sure you show them the respect they deserve. They make it clear they are not pop singers; they are pure, unadulterated hard-rockers, and that's the way I like it.

Sounds Like: Lady GaGa, Pink, Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Robots in Disguise, Shiny Toy Guns

Key Tracks: "Love Me Long Time," "Supercute," "Love," "Plastic Girl"

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