Friday, August 6, 2010

Ryan Knorr's Path of Greatest Resistance

I know I promised you guys another article before the week ended, but I was entertaining company and it just didn't get done. I do thank you all for your patience as always, and now I certainly think that it will have been worth the wait.
I must be in a real acoustic phase right now, because after discovering Cloé Beaudoin early last week, I was traversing Youtube once again looking for someone new for all you out there and found this guy. The minute I heard him, it blew my mind, and I could feel an article forming in my mind.
Out of the Midwest in Waukee, Iowa, Ryan Knorr is a taletnted-beyond-belief acoustic singer-songwriter whose lyrics and melodies resonate is the best ways with everything I feel. It's always seemed to me that I gravitate towards emotional and deep music, both in melody and lyrical content. I like fun and stupid music too, and am a proud fan of Bowling for Soup, Busted and Eve 6. But when the night calms down though, I think the reason I lean more towards a song that hits me deep down is because I'm just a hopeless romantic.
"What About Me" was the first song I heard by Knorr on his Youtube channel, and I was immediately struck by it simple-yet-catchy melody. It was acoustic when I first heard it, but when I navigated over to his Myspace page, I heard the studio version, and to be honest I can't decide which one I like better. The acoustic version is soft and simple, but the studio version has just the right rhythm in the background, and the note progression is something for Knorr to surely be proud of. The bottom line is, both version of this song are great, and the message is something that everyone can relate to. A song with lyrics that make me think that Knorr is speaking directly to me, "What About Me" is brilliant in its simplicity and its universal potential. This is most certainly one of Knorr's five-star tracks, and as a starting song, I'm already eager to see what else he has to offer.
Though "Meant to Stay" and "47 Feet" will call me back to them later, I'm quickly drawn to "8:14," a track that seems to take influence from Matchbox Twenty's "3am" in the best way. The Matchbox influence can be heard faintly in the background, but all the rest is Knorr. This one, like many of Knorr's other tracks on his Myspace and Youtube, is acoustic, and is fantastic in every sense of the word. Knorr's vocals are soft and strong at the same time, balancing between heart-felt emotion and brilliant resilience. The lyrics penned by Knorr, like the rest of his songs, are intricate and serve universal potentiality, with little plug-in stations that everyone can relate to. It seems that this is one of Knorr's greatest talents: writing a song that is strong and emotional, but simple and bottom-line enough for everyone to be able to connect to.
The last track I can find words for is "Everything." To say anything about this song other than that it might be one of his best performances ever wouldn't even begin to give Knorr his due credit. If the lyrics, which are self-aware and bare in the best way, weren't enough for you to get excited about, then how about the way Knorr stretches his minimalist acoustic chords to their musical limits? I've never really seen an acoustic artist who utilizes the minimalist technique pioneered and popularized by the Pixies and the Melvins, but now after seeing Knorr craft it so seamlessly, I'm dually floored and impressed.
Knorr has most certainly found a way to make acoustic music something new, with a new edge and creative takes on the old forms. His lyrics are simple and relatable, and his music resonates with me in the best way. As an artist myself, I'm not even the least bit embarrassed to say that I'm totally jealous of Knorr's ability to write flawless acoustic songs with just the right amount of pop, and hooks that would make any guitarist green with envy. Simply put, Ryan Knorr is an artist brimming with talent and creative vision, and is proving it every day on his Youtube and Myspace. This guy has no need for major labels or any of the record company politics that pervade the music industry. He's got the talent, the integrity and the vision, and those are the things that are gonna take him to the top. Keep and eye on this guy, and you'll be ahead of the curve that's soon to follow. No doubt.

Sounds Like: Matchbox Twenty, Plain White T's, Goo Goo Dolls

Key Tracks from The Path of Greatest Resistance: "What About Me," "8:14," "Everything," "This Bridge," "Meant to Stay"

Check out Ryan Knorr more at:, and

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