Sunday, August 15, 2010

Incura, the Cure to My Disease

I know it's been a few days since I updated you guys on a new band to go check out, but I've been working on some of my own songs, so I think you guys can cut me some slack. This thing where I'm getting into a semi-scheduled way of writing is kind of new for me still, but I'll get the hang of it eventually haha. I am pleased to report that my own material is coming along swimmingly; three songs done with a Blink-182/Eve 6/Less Than Jake feel, and one more that has a Matchbox Twenty tone. I'm way excited, so once I get up to Boston and get a freakin' band together, you guys will be the first to here it.
Okay, now the main course. I realize that I was in a total acoustic-rock place for the last couple weeks so I figured I'd mix things up in my next post. Too much of a good thing isn't bad, it just gets a little boring, and that's one thing I never want New Rock News 43 to be. Work is coming along on the new homepage, and hopefully it'll be up soon, giving you guys the articles you love, but also some exclusive vids, pix, and interviews that you can't get anywhere else. It's gonna be way awesome, so keep reading guys. Today's story, though, is something you don't have to wait for.
Incura is a five-piece progressive-metal/alternative band from way out in Vancouver, Canada. A far-flung cry from the acoustic strummings of Ryan Knorr and Cloé Beaudoin (though those acoustic chords are still rocking with me), Incura's sound is the epitome of the aggressive/melodic juxtaposition. Comprising members Kyle Gruninger (lead vocals), Gatlin Fitzgerald (guitar), Jim McLaren (keyboards), Jono Olson (bass), and Phil Gardner (drums), Incua delivers a melodic, metal riff-filled setlist with a bite and sting that keeps your eyes wide open, and won't let you nod off for a minute. One thing that immediately attracts me to and strikes me about this band is their lyrics. Deep and pensive, but not overly self-indulgent, Incura's lyrical content is something new, and breathes a new and different kind of life into their metal epics.
The first epic piece I listen to is instantly my favorite song for the next two weeks. "The Greatest Con" is deceptive in its beginning, with a piano piece that bleeds right into Gruninger's smooth and powerful vocals. But that doesn't last long as Fitzgerald's guitar blasts through the air suddenly, trading melodic notes with McLaren's keys. The feedback that Fitzgerald showers this song in is fantastic, keeping me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Olson and Gardner, too, are not be left behind, as their bass and drums, respectively, form a tightly-welded fist of force and rhythm that drives this track higher and higher. With Gruninger's vocals sailing high overhead, "The Greatest Con" is most certainly the breakout single for these guys. With lyrics and clever hooks befitting the best alternative and metal acts, Incura prove in just 3:15 that they have what it takes to go all the way. The bridge here is creepy, and lends an almost Gothic tone to the song that broadens its appeal even more. If you're looking for a new song to lose yourself in, this is it.
Track two's "Here to Blame" is a trip in and of itself. With a note progression that seems almost Renaissance-like in melody, immediately that cape is shrugged off and Olson's bass drills through my head as Gardner's drums stomp me into the ground. Fitzgerald's guitar is serrated and distorted, while McLaren's keys shimmer melody and feeling into the chords behind them. On top of it all is Gruninger, whose voice wavers between smooth white knight of the horizon and black knight of the dusk. With vocals that hearken back to both the smooth booming pipes of Dio and the grated chords of Pantera, Gruninger makes sure that this track is burned right into your skull.
"Between the Walls" is another guitar-heavy song that showcases Gardener's drumming skills like I haven't seen yet. With Olson's bass lines breaking through the speakers at warp-speed, Fitzgerald's guitar balances between hardcore driving force, and high-rise melody-maker. McLaren's keys are slightly under the tone of the guitar here, but at the intermittent points that Fitzgerald slows a bit, they can be heard, strong as ever, pushing the melody further in a more secretive way. Gruninger makes this chorus shine with the lyrics that have made Incura, to me, a definite must-hear band. His vocals soar, and with simple sing-along lines, Gruninger pushes this one farther and faster.
Incura totally blows me away. My whole notion of progressive-metal and alternative-rock has just been shaken and altered. These guys must (in my opinion) be taking Vancouver and the rest of Canada by storm, and like Three Days Grace before them, it won't be long at all until they migrate south of the border and bring the U.S. rock scene something new to talk about. But remember guys, when Incura is a national-name act, opening shows with Shinedown and Sick Puppies, you heard them hear first. These guys rock like all hell is breaking loose. Fuckin' A.

Sounds Like: Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Sick Puppies

Key Tracks from The Lost EP: "The Greatest Con," "Between the Walls," "Here to Blame"

Check out Incura more at:, and!/pages/Incura/7031532895?v=wall&ref=ts

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