Friday, June 12, 2009

Meg & Dia Are Coming

Ok so acknowledgement of this group is long overdue, but seeing as I just started this blog, I'll just start from the beginning. I saw Meg & Dia as an opening act for Bowling for Soup a couple years ago and was so impressed that I went home and downloaded their commercial debut album Something Real.  A mix of new indie and old-school pop-punk rock, Something Real starts and stops with amazing riffs, creative vocal melodies, and insightful lyrics. Made up of sisters Dia Frampton (lead vocals ad keyboards), Meg Frampton (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Jonathan Snyder (bass), Nick Price (drums), and Carlo Gimenez (lead guitar), Meg & Dia not only rock hard on their albums, but also live. These sisters know how to give a great show. I highly suggest picking up their sophomore album , Something Real for a new indie-rock experience. For more by the Frampton sisters, check out their first album, Our Home Is Gone, and their newly released third studio album, Here, Here and Here.

Sounds Like: The Material, Letters to Cleo

Key Tracks from Something Real: "Indiana," "Monster," "Roses," "Masterpiece"

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