Saturday, June 13, 2009

Get Lost in The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

So it's no secret that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus burst onto the scene with their 2006 album Don't You Fake It. Riding strongly on singles like "Face Down," "False Pretense," "Damn Regret," and "Your Guardian Angel," Don't You Fake It was a refreshing new mix of pop-punk and post-hardcore rock.

Now The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are back, and this time they've brought a new album littered with new singles and sophomore shine. The Jumpsuit's new album, Lonely Road was released on February 3, 2009. However prior to releasing their new album, in late January, the Jumpsuit made their way over to Atlanta and I had the distinct pleasure of going to see them. One thing's for sure: if I thought something might be lost from their music in their performance I was dead wrong. Kicking off with already successful songs "Face Down" and "In Fate's Hands," Ronnie Winter (lead vocals) commanded the crowd like a captain commanding his ship. Backed up by Duke Kitchens (lead guitar, piano, backing vocals), Matt Carter (rhythm guitar), Joey Westwood (bass), and Jon Wilkes (drums), Winter sang in a ballsy high-pitched wail matched only by the classic chords of Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach. The Jumpsuit then continued their powerful performance with their new album's singles, "Your Better Pray" and "Pen & Paper." The new albums lead off singles, "You Better Pray" and "Pen & Paper" continue the Jumpsuit's penchant for melody of hard-hitting riffs, peppered with clever and creative lyrics. I highly suggest picking up this album when you get a chance. Is it the exact same as Don't You Fake It? No. But it is a damn good follow-up. Lonely Road will definitely speak for itself when you listen to it. 

Sounds Like: Tickle Me Pink, The All-American Rejects, American Hi-Fi

Key Tracks from Lonely Road: "You Better Pray," "Pen & Paper," "Represent," "Pull Me Back"

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