Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warped Loud, Hard and Fast

I know all you guys out there are looking forward to having a new band to listen to, and I'll have one for you very soon, but I just felt I had to write about some NRN43 veterans that are tearing it up. This past Monday was Warped Tour here in Atlanta, and going down to Lakewood I had a bunch of bands I wanted to see: Sum 41, Andrew W.K., Mayday Parade, and You Me At Six among them. But what i really wanted to check out was how the NRN43 vets were doing, and I'm pleased to report that they're doing fucking great!
My first show of the day was Disco Curtis. You might remember these guys from the article I wrote about them back in December. Now they're playing the whole Warped Tour, and seeing them again, I could tell they've certainly grown as musicians and performers. A.J.'s drumming was as tight as I remember it, and Brendan's bass drove the show higher and higher. Meanwhile Garrett's guitar solos were fantastic, and with Tanner fronting this pop-punk set, the crowd went wild over these guys. Disco Curtis deserves every part of the record deal they just inked with Myspace/Interscope. A great show, and one hell of a way to start the day, I was psyched to hear some new songs, as well as classic favorites "Ashley" and a cover of Lady Ga-Ga's "Just Dance." It was also great to me to see So Contagious (formerly Seven Story Fall) there to support their friends. Some bands may not get along with other bands, and that's fine, but for those who do get along, it's awesome to see that tight-knit support that can only make success possible.
Meanwhile, around 1:00 I got to Fit For Rivals play for the third time this year, and they were as fucking good as every time before. Phoenix's vocals were coarse and rough, and serrated with the punk/alternative notes I was dying to hear. Amason's and Carroll's guitar were driving and sick, and I loved hearing "Damage," "Crash," and "Can't Live Without You."Hartman's drums could be heard on the other side of the park I'm sure, and Hamilton's bass lines stuck in my head, like they do every time I see FFR play. It awesome to see these guys again, and I'm sure that after these few shows on Warp, it won't be long before labels take notice and start plastering pictures of these guys in every magazine. Like with Disco Curtis, it was great to see FFR's friends their to support them. I spent some time talking to Jason Flynn and Steven Williams from LOVELOUD, and that was awesome. Seeing bands support each other like that, well that's half the reason why I do this. LOVELOUD, meanwhile, I've heard, is taking northern Florida by storm, so it's not gonna be the last you hear pf these guys.
That's my mini report for the day guys. I have a slew of new bands for you all that I'm getting ready to unveil, but they each deserve their own in-depth article. Be patient my friends, you won't be sorry. Keep rockin' hard guys, I'll have a new band and article for you soon.

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